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Remote hiring on a global scale

Find talent no matter where it lies with our comprehensive technical assessment and interview solution.

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Build fully remote engineering teams at scale

Scalable remote hiring process

Technical assessments focused on skills

Evaluate your candidate’s skills with objective technical assessments based on real programming tasks.

Conduct remote technical interviews

Interview candidates anywhere in the world to assess their experience and role fit.

Code pairing with live video

Collaborate with candidates to understand how they write code and solve problems in real time.

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Remote hiring: Technical assessments

Unmatched candidate experience

Bias-free hiring

Make bias-free hiring decisions that are based on your candidate’s skills with our objective technical assessments.

World-class coding experience

Candidates can choose to edit the project source code in a Git repository, download u0026amp; upload their code or use our powerful in-browser IDE powered by JetBrains.

Provide instant objective feedback

Send automated results to candidates within minutes after completing their technical assessment.

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Technical assessments that mirror real-life

The RealLifeTestingu0026#x2122; Methodology

All DevSkiller technical assessments are powered by our belief that the recruitment process should mirror the real-life work of a developer.

Work-sample testing

Our technical assessments are work-sample tests exactly like a developer will encounter on their first day of the job.

220+ technologies available

We provide support in over 220 technologies covering front-end, back-end, full stack, mobile, DevOps, and loads more.

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World-class security features

Secure and reliable

Stringent privacy regulations

We are compliant with all of the major privacy regulations including European GDPR and ISO 27001.

World-class data security

We use industry leading data security providers such as Google Cloud Services, Cisco Duo security, and Datadog.

Safe and secure with 99.95% uptime

Safe and secure with 99.95% uptime

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