Devskiller + Slack Integration

Manage candidates where you collaborate

Add to Slack integration
Check results and accept candidates
Devskiller + Slack Integration accepted
Send feedback to candidates
Devskiller + Slack Integration invitation slack hacks

Accept, reject, and send test invitations directly from Slack

Add to Slack integration

How do I set up the Slack integration with Devskiller?

  • Log into Devskiller
  • Click on the settings menu and click on “integrations”
  • Scroll down to “Slack” and click on the “Add to Slack” button
  • Choose the Slack channel you want Devskiller to post to and then hit authorize

A user can:

  • Learn a candidate’s results, the moment they are finished
  • Accept or reject candidates from their chosen Slack channel
  • Send feedback to candidates and invite them to interviews from the same place you connect with your team