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From founding to funding: a $1M success story

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We have some really big news!

But first, we’d like to thank you for trusting us with your business.

Back in 2015, we were just a stereotypical startup with five founders in a tiny office, a pile of empty pizza boxes, and a big dream. Today, we serve our amazing customers from 60+ countries including PayPal, Cisco, ING, Deloitte, Criteo, or EY.

And things will get even better…DRUMROLL….

We’ve raised over $1M from SpeedUp Energy Innovation!

This money will help us further improve our products and our service to you and your businesses.

founding announcement

In addition to continuously tweaking our products, we will be rebranding them. Very soon, DevSkiller will become DevSkiller Talent Score and MapSkiller will become DevSkiller Talent Boost

As we expand, our promise to you is that we will continue to serve you as personally as we did when we were just getting started (minus the pizza boxes).

Happy hiring!

DevSkiller funding

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