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Human resources
VidCruiter x Devskiller partnership

DevSkiller and VidCruiter join forces to simplify online hiring

Human resources
VidCruiter x Devskiller partnership

Devskiller teams up with VidCruiter

Devskiller is teaming up with Canadian online hiring company VidCruiter, to advance the limits of technical hiring.

DevSkiller TalentScore is already a powerful tool – in fact one of the most powerful of its kind on the market. TalentScore offers recruiters the ability to screen developers automatically, whittling down the numbers to leave only the best candidates to choose from. Our realistic coding tests are reflective of a developer’s real-world work, and assessments are carried out automatically. TalentScore is an invaluable tool that can revolutionize the hiring processes of any technology company.

But with VidCruiter, we can offer even more.

“It’s great to partner with like-minded companies that provide critical pre-employment screening solutions that we know our customers will use and trust.”

JF Poirier, Head of Partnerships at VidCruiter

Who is VidCruiter?

For over a decade VidCruiter has specialized in providing video interviewing technology for companies looking to hire candidates from all over the world. They offer pre-recorded video interviews and customized technology that can conform to the recruitment processes companies already have in place. And with software that’s available on any device, in any language.

VidCruiter’s mission is:

 “To help our clients build a customized recruitment process that delivers the highest-quality employees in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

DevSkiller’s partnership with VidCruiter

A partnership between DevSkiller and VidCruiter will bring huge benefits for our clients and create a faster, more streamlined candidate experience for those looking to be hired.

For recruiters looking to hire the next asset to their team, the collaboration of both companies will bring various advantages.

For instance, VidCruiter clients who use video interviewing will now be able to access DevSkiller coding tests directly from within the VidCruiter platform. And candidate data can now be sent automatically to DevSkiller from VidCruiter to help create profiles.

Some other benefits include:

  • TalentScore test results and evaluations will flow back into VidCruiter seamlessly
  • Developer assessments can be proctored using video (recorded or live)

“We’re thrilled to partner with DevSkiller to fill a gap in our offering and provide a more robust pre-employment testing option for our mutual clients. Their service brings value to VidCruiter users through specialized coding assessments, without interrupting the flow of the recruiting pipeline. “

JF Poirier, Head of Partnerships at VidCruiter

Why are we excited about this?

At DevSkiller, it’s always great when we get to work with like-minded companies who understand the importance of implementing great hiring processes, both for companies and their candidates.

The aim of our partnership is to expand the limits of what is available to companies as they look to improve their recruitment processes. By combining technical assessments and candidate video monitoring, we hope to be able to present a clearer than ever picture of a candidate’s skills, to hiring managers who rely on our tools.

Amongst the tools at VidCruiter’s disposal are:

  • An easy-to-use pre-recorded video interviewing system
  • A live video interviewing system that can record interviews
  • An automated scheduling system
  • Automated reference checking software

The ability to combine all these great assets with the existing tools of DevSkiller TalentScore’s automated screening and candidate assessments means that recruiters can now screen candidates automatically, interview the best candidates online (either pre-recorded or live) and test their skills. All without ever leaving the office.

“At DevSkiller, we are delighted to have a video recruitment partner that understands the importance of hiring for both companies and their candidates; a company that will add tremendous benefits for our customers wanting to keep in step with the times.”

Todor Papic, Head of Partnerships at DevSkiller

For the recruiter, this makes more aspects of their job easier than ever. The more the recruitment process is automated with tools that hiring managers can trust, the quicker they can narrow their search down to the right candidate.

 For the candidates themselves, there is less waiting around between hiring stages. The candidate experience is fast, organized and efficient. And much of it can be done from the comfort of their own home. They no longer have to leave their house, even for a live interview.

In Summary

With companies like DevSkiller and VidCruiter pushing the boundaries of technical hiring together, the work of the technical hiring manager can only get easier. The candidate experience will only increase and technology companies will be able to save more time and money on finding the right hires, than ever before.

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