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Here’s what Tom Winter had to say for an interview with Paysa

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Paysa did an interview with Tom Winter on the difficulties with recruiting in IT.
What are some of the challenges facing IT companies for recruiting tech talent? You may ask…

“There’s a craze right now for good IT talent and a true shortage. While companies that occasionally need programming might be expected to pay a hefty fee for some of these services, there still is plenty of developers that will complete such a task.

But IT companies in particular, or companies that have a need in investing in a permanent IT department usually need seniors – and they are really hard to recruit. It’s a totally candidate-driven market.

Another scarce resource, perhaps not exclusive to IT but definitely in great shortage in the field, is Time.

Both recruiters and developers see it as a valuable resource. To put it simply, recruiters want to fill these positions fast as keeping them vacant costs companies the most. They want to make sure that they hire quality too, as bad hires cost even more. But then comes the time again: they aren’t skilled enough to test developers themselves, and the developers within the company are valuing their own time too much to spend it on a large number of potential candidates. Thus, we offer our great testing tool to cut the process short and save everyone’s most precious resource – time.

But check this out for a twist: this market is so candidate driven that good developers, especially seniors, can actually afford not to waste their time on strenuous assessment processes. That’s why our tool is designed to test actual ability, and not book knowledge and do it simply and fast with great results.” – For the full article go to the Paysa blog!

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