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The most in-demand tech jobs 2022

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There are many in-demand tech jobs, but do you know which are the most sought after positions? If you’re looking to hire for certain high-demand IT roles, it might be a good idea to know what sort of task you have ahead of you.

It is well-known in the tech recruitment industry that there is a scarcity of candidates available for many roles. There are a plethora of reasons. As technology advances, so, more and more new positions spring up every day. Advancements that were pushed into hyper-drive due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, to make sure businesses could continue to operate from homes around the world.

Add to this the fact that many of these roles are new, and you have a lot of candidates who don’t possess the required, up-to-date skills. Finally, there is a high percentage of developers in full-time positions (81% according to Stack Overflow). Something that suggests many developers are happy with their current situation and might not be looking to change.

All of this combined means that it can be no easy task to fill certain high-demand roles. This article breaks down what the most in-demand tech roles are, as well as some of the methods tech companies are using to attract the best talent.

What are the most in-demand tech roles?

Other than an increase in the interest shown on developer testing platforms like DevSkiller TalentScore, a great measure of the popularity of a role is the salary associated with it. The most in-demand tech roles usually have the highest salaries associated with them.

The 2021 Stack Overflow Developer survey (below) shows the roles that earn the highest salaries. This article will go on to discuss some of the roles mentioned in more detail.

Source: Stack Overflow

Data scientist

What does a data scientist do?

According to the 2022, DevSkiller Tech talent trends and predictions Ebook, Data science was the ”fastest-growing IT skill on the DevSkiller testing platform, with a huge 295% growth in popularity year over year.”

This tells us that there has been a huge increase in demand for data science and the skills connected to the role.

How much does a data scientist earn?

According to the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer survey, mentioned earlier, Data Scientist is the 8th most well-paid IT role, earning an average worldwide salary of $63,216.

What is interesting, however, is that, on average, most data scientists have less experience than specialists in the rest of the top ten most well-paid IT roles.

“Data scientists or machine learning specialists are the 8th most paid but, on average, have the fewest years of experience.” — Stack Overflow

Source: Indeed

It’s not just Stack Overflow that lists Data Scientist as one of the most highly paid tech roles. Indeed state that in the US the average salary of a Data Scientist is $130,962.

This demonstrates just how in-demand a Data scientist is. A Data scientist’s salary is as high, or higher than most other IT roles in the industry— but experience in the role doesn’t need to be as much. This suggests that recruiters are scrambling to fill the position.

In a more general tech role, where developers are more common, the standard of experience would need to be higher to land the top jobs. Whereas a Data scientist who has only been working in the role for a few years can find themselves at the very top of the tree, earning the highest salary.

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What is a machine learning specialist?

In Slack OverFlow’s report, they listed Machine Learning Specialist and Data Scientist as earning the same amount, but the two are actually different roles. A machine learning specialist is similar in some respects to a data scientist but there are important differences.

A data scientist will analyze data and work out algorithms for the collection of data. A machine learning engineer will focus on writing code to create artificially intelligent models capable of learning from the collection of data.

“Data scientists focus on the ins and outs of the algorithms, while machine learning engineers work to ship the model into a production environment that will interact with its users.”Towards data science

Data collection is now a very important and quite complex branch of IT. There are several, seemingly similar roles involved with data collection and it’s important to understand the differences when looking at which IT roles are more in-demand than others. Otherwise, it is very easy to confuse a data scientist with a data analyst.

Learn the difference between data science roles.

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JavaScript developer

What does a JavaScript developer do?

JavaScript is one of the world’s most widely known programming languages, used in both front-end and back-end applications. It is used in an astonishing amount of web pages and applications—around 97%.

A good JavaScript developer has to have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire JS language and the specific libraries and frameworks associated with it.

Why are JavaScript developers in demand in the tech industry?

JavaScript developer is one of the most in-demand IT jobs in 2022. For roles like DevOps and Data scientist, demand is high due to a lack of candidates. However, that is certainly not the case for JavaScript.

According to the same Stack Overflow report mentioned above, JavaScript was the most popular technology in the world in 2021. Meaning that there is a huge demand for JavaScript developers.

While demand might be high, the task of hiring a JavaScript developer, compared to a Data Scientist, for instance, should be much simpler, in theory, than hiring for a more niche role. There are far more JavaScript developers than there are Data Scientists. However, this is not necessarily the case. When hiring for entry-level tech jobs such as a Junior JavaScript developer, there might be more options available to a hiring manager. However, the higher up the seniority ladder you go, the harder it becomes to attract the right candidates.

Nonetheless, due to an abundance of Junior JavaScript developers—the average US salary for a JavaScript developer is much lower than that of a more in-demand role like Data Scientist.

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According to Indeed, the average US salary for a JavaScript developer is $113,318 per year.

The fact that a Data Scientist’s salary is $17k less than for a JavaScript developer—despite JS developer still being an in-demand role—emphasizes just how much more recruiters have to offer to find the right candidates in the roles in which there are fewer candidates.

DevOps engineer

What does a DevOps engineer do?

The position of DevOps engineer was created to bridge the gap between a software developer and an operations specialist. DevOps connects the practices of software development and IT operations.

A DevOps engineer needs to possess the soft skills required to be able to collaborate effectively with the rest of the team. While also needing to possess knowledge of the technologies their company uses.

“DevOps involves the entire enterprise, not just IT.” DevOps Institute

The practices of DevOps might be set into place by the DevOps engineer, but for these practices to properly take hold, the whole team needs to be involved. The role involves constantly improving systems to increase a company’s productivity.

Why is DevOps in demand?

DevOps has become a buzzword for agile businesses that want to stay ahead. However, it is much more than that; the popularity of DevOps is rising rapidly. According to Allied Market Research,

“The global DevOps market size was valued at $ 6.78 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $57.90 billion by 2030.”

One of the reasons DevOps is one of the most in-demand tech jobs in 2022, and difficult to hire for, is that there is confusion over what exactly the role of DevOps involves. Furthermore, the role requires the candidate to possess knowledge of a vast amount of technological and operations factors, and it can be difficult to find someone with the right set of skills.

Add to this, that DevOps engineers need to be given time to understand the various business nuances of a company’s procedures, to really be able to put into practice the changes they want to make.

All of this combined makes for a slow hiring process and, as a result, a very in-demand role. For instance, it can take months to hire a lead DevOps engineer. This demand is reflected in DevOps engineer salary expectations.

The same Stack Overflow report mentioned earlier places DevOps as the 4th highest earning tech job, with an average global salary of $70,264. Whereas, Glassdoor list the average DevOps engineer salary in the US to be $122,997.

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Source: Glassdoor

Web Developer

What does a web developer do?

Web developers write the code that is the technological make-up behind websites. A lead web developer might be familiar with various programming languages, particularly JavaScript, as well as various software programs. Web developers are often divided into back-end (systems and structures), front-end (visual and design), and full-stack (all elements).

A web developer is one of the most in-demand tech jobs—particularly if you are trying to hire a lead web developer or a full-stack developer. According to Mondo, Full-stack developer was the most in-demand IT role in 2018. Although this has now been overtaken by more niche positions like DevOps, Full-stack developers are still in high demand.

What does a full-stack developer do?

Full-stack developers have a wide range of skills. They have the ability to build, deploy and maintain websites. They are highly sought after, mainly because having a full-stack developer at your company, eliminates the need for having two developers—front-end and back-end. Although full-stack developers typically earn more than back-end or front-end professionals, there is only one salary to pay with full-stack, so this option is still usually a money-saver for tech companies.

Why is web developer an in-demand tech job?

However, back-end, front-end and lead developers are all also in-demand tech jobs. If you think about the number of websites being created and maintained every day, it is easy to see why. Moreover, even if a web developer worked primarily in a specific technology that was no longer popular, there is nothing stopping them from learning a new, more popular language. Meaning, in theory, web developers will always be in high demand, as one of the most useful tech positions.

How much does a web developer earn?

Source- Glassdoor

A lead web developer salary in the US is $130,015. This very competitive wage refelcts the demand placed on the role. However a lead web developer salary isn’t necessarily the highest for web developers.

A full-stack developer, who is proficient in both backend and front-end technologies earns $113, 271, but a lead full-stack developer can demand an even higher salary than a lead web developer, earning a huge $162,402 per year.

Source – Glassdoor

Cloud architect

What does a cloud architect do?

By now, you are no doubt familiar with the cloud as a data-storage system. A cloud architect is responsible for maintaining a company’s cloud infrastructure. This includes deciding which cloud service provider to choose, as well as cloud management and monitoring.

Driven in particular by the need for home-office working since the pandemic, cloud architecture has become a hugely in-demand IT role in recent years. The large desktops and huge physical storage once needed for offices to run successfully are being resigned to the history books. Data storage for the biggest companies in the world now happens through the cloud. It is the only way that a dispersed workforce can collaborate on shared projects together, from where ever they are.

Why is cloud architect an in-demand job in tech?

Quite simply, cloud platforms and strategies are becoming more complex and a cloud architect’s job is to manage this successfully. A cloud architect needs to limit the risk that companies take in sharing their documents and to make sure that the transition from physical storage hard drives, to the cloud, happens without a hitch, or the loss of any valuable data.

How much does a cloud architect earn?

In the US alone a cloud architect’s base salary is in excess of $100k a year. The average cloud engineer salary in the US, as listed by Glassdoor is $150,435.

Source: Glassdoor

Blockchain developer

What is Blockchain?

Often associated with cryptocurrencies due to its association with Bitcoin, Blockchain is a person-to-person digital transaction record. It allows for increased security in online transactions and data sharing.

Blockchain works by storing data over a series of computers or “blocks”, over a distributed network creating a secure “chain.”

What does a Blockchain developer do?

A blockchain developer can either be in charge of the security and architecture of the Blockchain system (Core Blockchain developer), or in charge of the software pertaining to Blockchain (Blockchain software developer). Sometimes a Blockchain developer will do both aspects, and are therefore even more in high demand.

Blockchain developers are responsible for designing front-end Blockchain systems for companies, and coming up with solutions to any challenges faced. They also perform analysis of the current protocols and systems in place. They can operate on multiple systems and apply knowledge from one system to another.

Why is blockchain developer an in-demand job?

Blockchain burst onto the tech scene in 2008 due to its involvement in the production of Bitcoin, which was created as a secure response to the global financial recession. Blockchain’s popularity now exceeds cryptocurrency in that it can be deployed in many ways, to secure the transfer of data as we know it.

The role of Blockchain developer is now in high demand because the role is relatively new—even the most senior blockchain developer would have to have been trained and gained all of their experience over a maximum of 14 years.

Blockchain development is also a niche role. Understanding the technical practicalities of implementing cryptosystems is a challenging process. One that is separate from traditional IT skills, and so requires a specific kind of developmental approach. The skills of a web developer, for instance, would not necessarily transfer to blockchain development.

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How do you solve the problem of hiring for the most in-demand IT roles?

One solution to the hiring woes of tech recruiters is the global trend for remote working. No longer confined to hiring in their local area, hiring managers can now cast a wider net and hire in cities, and even countries, far from where their company is located.

Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in African nations, where technological advancement has grown exponentially since the pandemic. Many hiring managers are seeking to solve the talent shortage facing tech companies in the West, by looking to hire IT professionals coming out of Africa’s technology boom.

“The increase in global start-up space has led to a rise in the demand for young, talented workers. Africa is emerging as a significant source of software engineering talent.”


As this article has shown, there is high demand for almost all areas of the tech industry. In particular, this can be seen when it comes to hiring in more niche areas like Cloud architect, Blockchain developer, Data science and DevOps.

However, as we have also seen, even very popular IT roles like JavaScript developer and web developer are among some of the most sought after tech jobs based on the sheer demand for new websites—that primarily use JavaScript.

To attract the best candidates to the most in-demand tech jobs, recruiters really need to know the best tech hiring methods. To learn more about how to attract the best tech talent, check out the complimentary DevSkiller ebook—the essential guide to technical hiring success.

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