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[JUST PUBLISHED] A tech recruitment book every HR Pro should read

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Devskilller tech recruitment book

It’s time for some big news!  Our long-awaited tech recruitment book IT Recruitment Process That Works. Proven strategies, industry benchmarks and expert intel to supercharge your tech hiring is out and is available exclusively on Amazon.

The comprehensive guide to technical hiring is written by our cofounders, Kate Kandefer and Tom Winter, who share their insights and experience in hiring software developers.

Kate Kandefer Tom WinterWhy this book came to life

This book was written to solve a problem universally faced by tech recruiters worldwide. Although books and reports devoted to HR are manifold, it’s difficult to find resources written specifically with tech recruiters in mind. As a consequence, most of the data and recommendations currently available are not directly applicable to the tech industry and it takes a lot of time to single out data which might be of use.

All insights, techniques, and data presented in this book cater specifically to the needs of tech recruitment professionals representing businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to corporate organizations. They can be successfully used by seasoned tech recruiters, as well as recruiters who would like to specialize in hiring software developers but don’t know where to start.

How do we know what they need? Each year, we talk to thousands of tech recruiters from all around the world who share their gripes, concerns, and problems so we have a good understanding of their perspective. At the same time, we also get feedback from developers and IT workers, so we also know their side of the story.

This gives us a unique view of the hiring process which includes both parties involved in it. Pretty handy, right?

What’s inside

What’s inside?IT Recruitment Process That Works covers the fundamentals of hiring software developers and is packed full with up-to-date information about the developer landscape, findings of industry reports and intel on the IT recruitment process along with its stages. It also presents tried and true tricks, actionable tips, and effective tools designed to boost HR metrics. Readers will gain the information they need to find, attract, and retain top tech talent, as well as look at the hiring process from the perspective of both recruiters and developers.

Topics covered inside include:

– Designing a fully functional recruitment process in IT,

– Optimizing the hiring process for Time to Hire, Cost per Hire, and Quality of Hire,

– Building diverse tech teams,

– The biggest mistakes made when hiring developers,

– Inbound and social sourcing,

– The best tools to streamline the recruitment process,

– A glossary of technical terms for non-coders.

The methodology presented is easy to implement, with each chapter being followed by a “Self-assessment” module designed to help turn knowledge into action.

Where can I get it?

The book is available exclusively on Amazon, where you can also have a look inside.

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