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DevSkiller Webinar

Eliminating unconscious bias in tech recruitment



Amy Spurling
Founder & CEO at Compt

Barry Mathews
Chief Executive Officer at Open Assembly

Michael Morris
Co-founder and CEO at Torc

Sanya Nagpal
Head of Human Resources at Leena AI

About the webinar

Diversity in the workplace works. More than 3 out of 4 workers prefer working for diverse companies – according to Glassdoor. Unfortunately, there is an alarmingly low level of diversity in the tech industry that needs to be addressed.

One method to achieve this diversity is by eliminating unconscious bias from the tech hiring process. By recognizing and understanding that unconscious bias exists you will go a long way to building a more diverse workforce.

Join us on June 8th as we discuss strategies to end unconscious bias once and for all.

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Hear about unconscious bias through the experience of our expert panelists
  • Learn the different kinds of unconscious bias and how to spot them
  • Discover proven techniques to eliminate unconscious bias
  • Learn the benefits of building a diverse digital workforce

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1 hour

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HR professionals, tech recruiters, hiring managers.