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Human resources
Recruitment blogs to follow. Best recruitment resources

20+ best recruitment blogs to follow

Human resources
Recruitment blogs to follow. Best recruitment resources

The world of recruitment is a bumpy one: you need to have eyes on the back of your head to know what is going on and how to adjust to the latest changes.

No matter if you just started your journey as a recruiter or you are an experienced one, you can never have too many resources to follow. What is more, you should regularly update the list to make sure you miss nothing.

It is not that simple, though. Recruiters have a lot of tasks on their plates, and many of them just cannot dedicate enough time to keep checking the news.

While we do not have a remedy for that, we decided that a little list never hurts. Today, we have gathered 20+ recruitment blogs to follow from all over the world and we will show you why they are worth following. If you want to stay up-to-date with news from the HR industry, then we are here to serve you with some great recruitment resources.

Why should you follow recruitment blogs

  • Recruitment blogs are great sources of inspiration for the best insights and practices.
    With trends, comments, and news shared on recruitment blogs, each recruiter can expand their knowledge and come up with some ideas of new things to test out during the recruitment process.
  • They deliver trends and news in a nutshell.
    As we mentioned, recruiters often lack time when it comes to following the latest updates in the industry. They keep using the same, sometimes obsolete, methods. By giving them some insights at a glance, they can absorb them better, easier, and faster.
  • They help with gaining a competitive advantage.
    It goes without saying that being an early adopter of some trends, both as a recruiter and a job seeker, can lead to success. With such fierce competition, being even a single step ahead can be a huge advantage.

List of recruitment blogs

ZipRecruiter blog

Recruitment blogs to follow ZipRecruiter blog

ZipRecruiter is a job search engine with over one million jobs at your disposal. You can both search and browse jobs, as well as post some yourself.

ZipRecruiter’s blog delivers valuable insights on recruitment, with numerous Top 10 comparisons, analyses, and the future of recruitment. Labor market insights can be found in the form of handy articles. If you are interested, you can also familiarize yourself with company news on ZipRecruiter, giving you updates on new features and campaigns.

What else can draw your attention? Take a look at the Best Practices section, located at the bottom of the website, and a dedicated section about hiring. Thanks to a smart and neat division between Job Seeker and Recruiter, you can easily find some inspiring pieces of content, no matter if you are looking for employment or for employees.

AngelList blog

Recruitment blogs to follow AngelList blog

AngelList is called the world’s largest startup community.

AngelList’s blog is not one of the regular recruitment blogs but it rather offers some pieces of advice for startups and early-stage business founders who seek recruitment help. It is very start-up-saturated, so if you are looking for some recruitment tips and tricks in this field, AngelList may turn out to be the perfect place for you.

Apart from some actionable pieces of content on actual recruitment, which are helpful from any recruiter’s perspective, there are some interesting reads for those who are looking for a new job too. AngelList’s “How to hire” series should be a go-to for any recruiter.

Greenhouse blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Greenhouse blog

Greenhouse offers an applicant tracking system & recruiting software.

What about their blog, though? Greenhouse publishes at least one post per week. Different aspects of recruitment are shown from various perspectives. In their recently published content pieces, Greenhouse focuses on equal opportunities and boosting productivity. Popular topics consist of recruiter tips, company culture, and talent strategy as well. If you are looking for a reliable and regularly updated source of knowledge, Greenhouse should definitely land on your list.

What is particularly worth noticing is their special series called Customer Stories, showing how they can help with actual recruitment in real cases.

Zippia blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Zippia blog

Zippia is a career search site, helping match great talent with great employers.

Their resources consist of guides for both job seekers and recruiters. The first group can find a dedicated spot with general pieces of advice on recruitment, including cover letter, resume, and interview tips.

The second part concentrates on employer advice: how to build company culture, how to care about employer branding, and what is the recruiter spotlight. These practices can be utilized both by employers themselves or by recruiters who want to know even more about talent acquisition.

Lever Blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Lever Blog

Lever is a recruitment software tool for sourcing and nurturing the best talent.

Lever Blog provides many actionable practices to implement in your recruitment process strategy. The site is full of inspiring content focused on leadership, culture, sourcing, talent management, interviewing, and other relevant subjects. It is all served in a very accessible form, so each recruiter can benefit from it. They publish content that is extremely up to date and concerns the latest economic updates too, for example, virtual interviewing and the future of remote work in the light of the coronavirus.

ERE MEDIA: ERE, SourceCON, TLNTRecruitment blogs to follow ERE MEDIA: ERE

ERE is a website that aggregates recruiting news and updates.

ERE blog is one of the greatest recruitment blogs! It is updated on a near-daily basis, delivering the freshest insights on the market. Content is provided by the site’s contributors who, at the same time, are experienced professionals in the field of HR. You can be sure, then, that their knowledge is relevant and full of advice to boost your skills.

The range of contributors is so wide that you can familiarize yourself with many various and still correct comments on recruitment, the hiring process or interviewing.

SourceCon and TLNT are other sources that belong to ERE Media, with almost identical layouts. While the former mainly presents content on sourcing, the latter focuses on talent management. We strongly recommend all of the ERE Media resources, they’re full of high-quality pieces from industry leaders.

Recruitment blogs to follow ERE MEDIA: SourceCON
Recruitment blogs to follow ERE MEDIA: TLNTRecruitee blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Recruitee blog

Recruitee is a talent acquisition platform.

Their blog is another great source of knowledge related to recruitment, which is not only limited to blog posts and articles. Recruitee delivers extra insights via podcasts, webinars, and e-books on talent acquisition and employer branding. In this way, you can always stay in the loop with the most recent content on subjects you are interested in. What is not to like?

Workable blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Workable blog

Workable is an applicant tracking system.

Speaking of their blog, it is full of insights on the latest changes in the world that are related to recruitment, of course. You can dive deep into great, up to date content about the future of work, employer branding or candidate experience.

The HR toolkit overview in Workable also shares handy HR templates and provides recruiters with a helpful list of HR terms that they may encounter in their everyday work. Other assets include step-by-step guides and tutorials. It’s one of our favorite recruitment blogs!

Indeed blog

Recruitment blogs to follow: Indeed blog

Indeed is a job search platform.

Indeed’s blog has a lot of recruitment knowledge gems hidden on its pages. Job search and employer branding are the most dominant topics, yet those who look for small business hiring tips or recruitment case studies will not be disappointed either.

What is really impressive about this blog is the frequency of posting: new content is posted almost every day, so Indeed’s blog is definitely one to remember about when compiling a list of resources to read daily with your morning coffee.

SocialTalent blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Social Talent blog

SocialTalent is a hiring skills platform.

Their blog posts concern a wide range of topics, including diversity in the workplace, recruitment, and hiring. They also take care of updating their audience about the newest features of products themselves. Bearing in mind that they have published nearly 2,000 articles on recruitment and continue to do so on a very consistent basis, this blog should be a go-to for recruiters who are hungry for actionable tips and insights. You can find some e-books and webinars on their site, too!

Teamable blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Teamable blog

Teamable is an intelligent employee referral platform.

Their blog itself has a lot of useful articles about recruitment and corporate culture. However, there is something extra for recruiters. If you open up the “Resources” drag down menu, you will see a special “For recruiters” section. It is full of unique resources for those who are involved in recruitment. The content is available in the form of e-books and recordings, so you are not forced to read articles if you prefer other types of content!

Harver blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Harver blog

Harver is a pre-hiring and pre-employment assessment software.

If you are looking for some inspiration on data-driven recruitment or cost per hire, the Harver blog can quickly become one of your favorites. Not only do they deliver blog content on a regular basis, but they also provide their audience with white papers, e-books, and podcasts on HR and recruitment.

Blog posts are written straight to the point and full of actionable tips. A must-read for all recruiters, it truly is one of the best recruitment blogs out there.

Juice blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Juice blog

Recruitment Juice leads online recruitment training courses.

Their blog is regularly updated with relevant content, and it has been recognized as one of the top 100 recruitment blogs. If you are looking for resources on staff retention, recruitment, and training, then the content provided on this blog is likely to meet your requirements. What’s more, it concerns a wide array of recruitment processes, including social media engagement and coaching.

The Searchologist site

Recruitment blogs to follow The Searchologist site

The Searchologist is a site that mainly focuses on candidate experience. The blog is led by Katrina Collier, who is the Founder of DisruptHR.

The Searchologist should be a go-to source for those who want to know more about recruitment and candidate engagement. Katrina leads some short episodes of the #SocialRecruitingShow, to which she invites HR professionals and talks to them about recruitment-related topics. In the DisruptHR sections, you can find handy recordings of DisruptHR events from London, Cambridge, Newcastle, or Leeds.

TalentCulture blog

Recruitment blogs to follow TalentCulture blog

TalentCulture is a community of big thinkers and problem solvers.

What can you find on the TalentCulture blog? New articles are uploaded almost every day, giving you a reason to keep coming back here. Whether you are looking for new articles on workplace culture, talent management, or even career strategy, Talent Culture has got you covered. If reading lots of articles is not your cup of tea, you can also find some podcasts, webinars, and e-books to download for free.

Glassdoor blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Glassdoor blog

Glassdoor is a renowned job search, employee reviews, and salary benchmarking site.

The Glassdoor blog is commonly identified as one of the best recruitment resources, both for recruiters and job seekers. Since it concerns all of the latest news and trends in recruitment, it is regarded as a viable and reliable source of information. They publish a lot of valuable content in the main part of their blog, but they also offer other resources, including a special section for employers and a series of handy guides on career paths and interviews.

Linkedin Talent Blog

Recruitment blogs to follow Linkedin Talent Blog

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms, which is often used for recruitment and employer branding purposes.

Their Talent Blog includes an impressive range of posts dedicated to recruitment, onboarding, and sourcing. You can find hundreds of articles written by professionals in HR who are willing to share their expertise. It also allows any new potential contributors to submit their stories. LinkedIn also publishes great original resources like reports, guides, and ebooks based on the data from their platform. If you’re thinking of adding just site to your list of recruitment blogs – LinkedIn should definitely be the one!

Hire by Google

Recruitment blogs to follow Hire by Google site

Hire by Google was an applicant tracking system (although, it was discontinued in September 2020)

First of all, it comes from Google, so high quality is virtually guaranteed. Their recruitment resources can definitely help answer a number of questions asked by recruiters and job seekers. Topics that are widely covered by Google include recruitment best practices, metrics, interview questions and sourcing, just to name a few. Let’s hope that the resources will remain even if the product they are built around is going to disappear soon.


Recruitment blogs to follow TalentLyft

TalentLyft is a recruiting software tool.

The majority of content on the TalentLyft blog is dedicated to “how-to” guides, and it has been published regularly along with attractive infographics and statistics. For those who want to dive into recruitment further, TalentLyft offers e-books, webinars, courses, and templates. It is simply a paradise for recruiters!

SoFlo Tutors

Source- SoFlo tutors

SoFlo Tutors has useful resources on hiring in the online education space. SoFlo’s writers are experts at recruiting on college campuses for remote positions. The company hired 250 online educators after vetting 4000 applicants. The blogs are long, understandable, and helpful. The pages are quick to load and easy to navigate.


recruitment blogs to follow DevSkiller

DevSkiller TalentScore is our own developer screening and interview platform.

Yes, you can also check out our own blog for more handy tips and info. Our blog is full of developer hiring insights including actionable tips on screening tech talent, interview questions, as well as sourcing tips. We also publish annual reports on IT skills – you can find the 2021 edition here.

Conclusion: best recruitment blogs to follow

We hope that our list will come in handy when you will be looking for some inspiration in terms of recruitment. Following all of the recruitment blogs we mentioned may be tough, but it’s not impossible either. Even if you start with just two or three, you’re bound to learn a lot! Enjoy your daily dose of recruitment inspiration!

Also, check out our list of blogs specifically for tech recruiters!

Image credit: John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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