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Sourcing tools you never knew you always needed

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Sourcing tools

In a market full of recently graduated juniors, it is important to be able to identify the greatest talent. Regardless of whether you have been a recruiter for years or are just starting out on your HR adventure, good sourcing tools can completely change the whole process, for the better of course.

Here you will find a list of tools for both beginners and experienced recruiters. Some are licensed, while others are free. You will find here a variety of tools from browser extensions to CMRs. Enjoy!


Sourcing tools: Meetup

Meetup is a platform where you can find and join groups according to hobbies and passions, or start your own ones.

When searching public groups and profiles on Meetup, you can see those amazing talents that are hidden just around the corner. In addition to a handful of excellent candidates for your vacancy, you can also find a partner for your morning jogging. It is definitely worth a try!


Sourcing tools: Hired

An employer-job seeker connection platform.

Hired is a platform that connects recruiters with those looking for a job. As a recruiter, you can set up your company profile, which will give you the opportunity to view the profiles of candidates and to contact them via the platform.


Sourcing tools: Slack

A communication tool used to stay in touch with candidates.

If you thought Slack was just a tool that improves team communication, you were wrong. Slack is also a great sourcing tool. Join Slack’s international or local channels to have direct contact with candidates. You can also create your own channel and use it in the hiring process. Slack integrates perfectly with other tools too, so managing the recruitment process has never been easier.


Sourcing tools: GitHub

A platform gathering 31 million programmers.

GitHub is one of the largest platforms for gathering specialists from the IT industry, who share their work here and create their own individual tasks. If you are looking for a specialist in the technology industry then this is the best place to look. What is more – it can be easily integrated with Slack.


Sourcing tools: Recruit'em

Sourcing tools: is a paid sourcing tool that compiles data from sites like GitHub to find the best software engineers for your vacancy.

As a recruiter, you know that recruiting engineers is a real feat of…engineering. There is a shortage of qualified specialists in the market, which is why they are bombarded with job offers from every direction. You have to stand out for them to choose you, and will help you do just this.

Leedfeeder Contacts

Sourcing tools: leadfeeder

A tool that follows web visitors.

LeadFeeder is more of a sales tool than a sourcing one because it collects information about web visitors and their email addresses. Thanks to this you can see which specialists were interested in your company and easily make the most of this interest to offer them a position.


Sourcing tools: OctoHR

OctoHr is a Chrome extension that helps recruiters find the best developers on the market.

OctoHr helps you find the best specialists on GitHub. You can find hidden e-mail addresses and gain access to a summary of a developer’s skills. In the search options, you can choose from criteria such as language or location. As this is a Chrome plugin, you can utilize all of its features for free!

Clearbit Connect

Sourcing tools: Clearbit Connect

Helps you quickly make contact with dozens of candidates.

Clearbit Connect is a free Gmail plugin that lets you manage your e-mails more efficiently. You can easily search for a company and people related to it.  Writing and organizing e-mails has never been easier.


Sourcing tools: Shapr

Shapr connects professionals with recruiters based on career goals and interests.

You can constantly expand your interest network and search circle by talking to new candidates here. Shapr is a free application that you can download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can also use it in a web browser. After creating a profile and listing your own interests, the algorithm will work to connect you with specialists who suit you. Shapr might be regarded as Tinder for recruiters and job seekers. You can also create your own communication to reach and contact people from your company or industry.

Sourcing tools:

ZillionResumes is a platform that gathers CVs.

Thanks to you can have access to data and resumes in one place. You may find candidates who would otherwise be hard to reach. This platform can also provide you with some letters of recommendation and resumes that are suitable for your criteria. It looks like this platform is taking over part of your job.


Sourcing tools: Medium

On Medium, you will find many interesting articles written by specialists with countless years of experience.

By browsing Medium, you can train yourself in a variety of business-related topics by reading articles written by users with many years of experience. You can also find your future employee here. Even if you don’t find a specialist who writes about your field (which would be hard to believe), you can also find great content masters here. No doubt that if someone is a specialist who is aware of their achievements and the value they ​​bring to the market, you will find them on Medium.


Sourcing tools: Behance

Behance is a huge network gathering creators from around the world.

If you’re looking for people working in the creative industry then Behance is for you. It has a huge network where you can view portfolios and projects from almost every country. Behance provides the ability to filter works, from graduate school to tools used to complete the project, for example. You can be sure that you will only find masterpieces that are appreciated by art curators here.


Sourcing tools: AngelList

AngelList is a tool that helps recruiters post jobs offers and choose the best candidates.

AneglList is a tool that can help you learn as much as possible about candidates, recruiters, and their companies. To use the features provided by AngelList you must first create a business profile, on which you need to include detailed information about the company. Remember that the description should attract potential candidates.  After that, you will gain access to over 2 million candidate profiles. If you want to you can use advanced filtering options when searching for them. AngelList has 3 available plans: Free, Source (starting from $200 per month and allowing advanced filtering and search tools), and the A-list plan (which costs  20% per hire and gives access to the top 5% of candidates before other recruiters are able to get in touch with them).


Sourcing tools: Hiretual

A free candidate sourcing tool that is built by recruiters.

Hiretual is like a private assistant that was created by a cooperation of outstanding recruiter programmers. Thanks to this algorithm of operation, searching for and receiving information and CVs of the best candidates is made easy. Hiretual identifies and ranks candidates who best meet your requirements. Thanks to the resultant list you can contact selected candidates directly (by integrating Hiretual with Gmail or Outlook). It has 3 available plans for you:  Lite (with a limit of 10 contacts per day), Premium (200 contacts per day for $89 per month), and Pro (price on application, includes everything that comes to your mind when you say Pro).


Sourcing tools: Pipl

An information services company that helps find the most accurate person for your vacancy.

Pipl works by finding people who match your criteria. If you are looking for a specialist, then Pipl will certainly help find them. All you have to do is enter the appropriate search parameters, e.g. e-mail address or simply a name, and in return, you will get a full list of information from professional data to a phone number ending. You can access a whole network of information that is useful for contacting and encouraging them to cooperate with your company. It is available as a Free license (which limits numbers of searches and is only for personal use) or under three paid licenses: $99 per month (which allows 200 searches), $199 per month (500 searches), and $299 per month (unlimited searches).


Sourcing tools: Employeereferrals

Employeereferrals is a platform that gives you the opportunity to get referrals from your employees.

Employeereferrals sends messages to employees and encourages them to share the recommendations of other specialists. The site promises that only 3 clicks separate an employee and a recommendation of a colleague from the industry to you as a recruiter. They can also track their referrals.  It’s well worth checking out.


Sourcing tools: LinkedIn

A platform where professionals meet other professionals.

Linkedin is often the first shot when it comes to sourcing, so no surprise that it appears on our list. Thanks to the many filters available on Linkedin, the entire industry is open to you. You can choose and search for the right candidate however you like, changing the criteria to suit. Unfortunately, only the paid version offers many of the best options.


Sourcing tools: ContactOut

Contactout is a sourcing tool, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently find email addresses.

The Contactout database contains up to 75% of the western industry. Giants such as Microsoft and Nestle use this tool. It is a Chrome extension that works on Linkedin and GitHub, which makes finding an e-mail address or phone number easy peasy. As a recruiter, you should consider it as a must-have.


Sourcing tools: Carbon

Carbonmade is a huge database of creatives’ and art professionals’ portfolios.

On Carbonmade you can gain access to millions of portfolios and projects created by professionals from the creative industry. If you are searching for specialist art, photography design then Carbonmade is for you. You can even find talented architects here. So if you are in the middle of a recruitment process in the creative industry, Carbonmade should be the place to go.

Symphony Talent

Sourcing tools: Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is a CRM tool that helps organize candidate lists.

Symphony Talent will be useful if you already have a database of candidates from which you will choose the final one. This CRM has many functions that will help you organize your candidates, segment them, and look for outstanding talents. If you want to find out what else SmashFly can do,  feel free to use it! You will thank us later.


Sourcing tools: Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a networking site where you can find every kind of event imaginable.

Eventbrite is a site where you can preview various events and sort them by location or subject. If you are looking for a candidate from a specific industry, you can look for them at industry events and find the time to get to know them better. It will definitely pay off.

Google Sheets

Sourcing tools: Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the GSuite features.

Presenting Google Sheets here may seem too obvious, but very often we forget about the simplest solutions in favor of technological innovations. Even if you are a big fan of the newest ATM, take a step back. If you know the drill then you can often do better with a golden oldie like Google Sheets. Give it a chance!


Sourcing tools: Stalkface

StalkFace is a tool that shows personal data according to a Facebook profile or picture URL.

Thanks to StalkFace, you can find plenty of information about your candidates, and not only relationship statuses or profile pictures. StalkFce shows you pictures that someone has liked or groups that they have joined. It compiles all of such info into one handy and easy to use list. In this way you can get to know your candidate better and be more prepared for an interview.


Sourcing tools: Avature

Avature helps recruiters make the most of social media during the recruitment process.

Avature is a CRM tool that allows you as a recruiter to take social media to another dimension. You can use Avature as a candidate tracking system. It also helps to identify, attract, hire and retain dream employees in every industry and market around the world.



MixMax is an e-mail tracking tool.

MixMax will track any email for you. It has many additional options such as ready templates or workflow automation. All of these and more MixMax features will help improve the recruitment process.


Sourcing tools: IFTTT

IFTTT ( If This Then That) helps integrate all of your devices and apps.

Thanks to IFTTT you can publish a photo on all your social media channels at the same time and make Alexa recommend Google Assistant. Are you wondering how this can help a recruiter work? Firstly, automation makes every job easier, and secondly, wouldn’t life be simpler if you could send fresh Evernotes to your Slack team and get feedback immediately? Yes, it would, and you can do it now with IFTTT. Frankly speaking, it takes workflow to another level.


Sourcing tools: Aeroleads

Aeroleads is a browser extension that helps you find an e-mail address or phone number.

Thanks to Aeroleads you can find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the decision-makers at each company. You can have access to business data of every person who matters in the industry, so if you are keeping an eye on one particular specialist then you should check Aeroleads often. There is a free trial if you are willing to try it out.


Sourcing tools: Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that brings apps together.

Zapier is kind of similar to IFTTT since it can also bring together all of the apps and devices that you have. Do you need a real-life example? Well, if you receive an e-mail in your Gmail inbox, ten Zapier can send attachments to Dropbox and you can be notified on Slack about the new content. Doesn’t it sound like a private assistant?


Souring tools: Wayup

A platform that connects young employees and recruiters.

Wayup is a platform for people who are just starting their professional careers. It allows recruiters to discover freshly graduated (or still at uni) talents. If you are looking for an intern or someone for a junior position who will bring a breath of fresh air to your company, then Wayup is definitely a great sourcing tool to look out for.


Sourcing tools: Recruitifi

Recruitifi is a platform thanks to which you can reduce both the cost and time of the hiring process.

Recruitifi efficiently matches a candidate to a job offer. As a recruiter, you can be automatically notified about a  candidates’ every move during the hiring process. You will also be provided with a list that is filled to the brim with all of the information you could need to source effectively. Of course, Recruitifi will not waste your time but will provide you with candidates who are suitably qualified and have the certified skills.

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