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The Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow for hiring developers

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The Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow for hiring developers

Workable is one of the most powerful ATS systems out there and is a particularly useful tool for tech recruitment. When recruiting developers, it’s incredibly important to keep track of your candidates. With as many as 20 people applying for each software development position, a simple spreadsheet won’t scale. But luckily, there is a useful Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow that you can use for hiring developers which will allow you to focus more time on the areas that recruiters are uniquely qualified for. Using Workable and the integrations that it offers, you can automate repetitive tasks. This will allow you to spend more one-on-one time with candidates to see if they are a good cultural fit for the company.

This article will cover the steps of a tech recruitment workflow for hiring developers and how this workflow can be streamlined in Workable. These steps include:

  • Post your ad to job sites
  • Integrate with DevSkiller
  • Invite candidates to tests
  • Check your stages
  • Get test summaries
  • Invite candidates for interviews

Post your ad to job sites

Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow: Job adsThis is where your whole tech recruitment workflow starts, with a simple job ad. It stands to reason that the area where a recruiter really needs to do the work at this stage is in crafting the message of the ad. Once the ad is crafted, it can be a laborious process to promote the ad far and wide to all the places a developer might find it. This process like all technical processes should be automated and Workable excels in this area.

Using Workable, once you’ve created your job ad, you can post to over 200 different job sites from around the world with a click of a button. This amplifies the reach of your message and does not require highly trained recruiters to spend time doing busy work. This is particularly important when you consider that the labor pool for tech is international.

The Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow for hiring developersOur Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019 found that in large tech economies like the US, Germany, and France, at least half of their candidates are recruited internationally. Because of the importance and salaries involved, the labor pool for tech workers is a worldwide one. Automation can get you to a number of local job boards to recruit the developers with the skills you need.

Integrate with DevSkiller

There are a number of automations that Workable ATS can help you with, in your tech recruitment process. For everything else there are integrations and conveniently, DevSkiller has a Workable integration. When it comes to testing developers, a simple resume screen is not enough. DevSkiller allows you to screen for skills in a natural software development environment. By cutting down the number of candidates using a tech screen, you can save a ton of time.

One DevSkiller customer Spartez was able to cut the number of candidates they interviewed by 8.6x by suing a DevSkiller tech screen.

Invite candidates to tests

Tests need to be designed by subject experts from your company or you can simply choose one of DevSkiller’s pre-made tests. These have been prepared by renowned field experts for all tech stacks we cover. Crafting the tasks is where you should employ a human touch, but sending coding test invitations is time-consuming and should be automated. You shouldn’t have to even jump between your ATS and other applications. But luckily with DevSkiller’s Workable integration, you can do that right into Workable ATS as a part fo your tech recruitment workflow. This means that it only takes a few clicks for you to send tech screens to candidates in the Workable ATS.

Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow: invite candidatesKeep track of your candidates’ progress with Workable ATS stages

An important part of any recruitment workflow is optimizing the different stages that candidates go through. In Workable, these stages are all laid out so you can keep abreast of how your candidates and the candidates managed by your team are moving through your recruitment pipeline. But if you interact with your candidates outside of your ATS, these messages won’t necessarily pop-up or they will have to be included manually. That is why DevSkiller’s actions are logged as stages in Workable ATS.

This cuts down considerably duplicate data entry. It also allows you to get a holistic view of your recruitment processes without worrying that certain stages are not being recorded.

Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow: stages in your Workable recruitment processGet test summaries

It is important to be able to see not just when the tests were sent out but also when they’re taken and what the results are. Luckily with the integration, you can see summaries of the test results right in Workable ATS. These will give you a sense of how well your candidate did across multiple KPIs including how well their solution works including edge cases, the efficiency, speed, cleanliness of the code, and how many errors occurred. It will also give information from our AI Benchmarking Engine to you show how well the candidate stacks up against the other candidates.

If you want to get a more detailed breakdown of how your candidate did on the test, you can always look at a full report in DevSkiller. That said, being able to see the summary in Workable means that for most cases you can make a quick decision and move on to your next candidate.

Workable ATS tech recruitment workflow: Get test summariesInvite candidates for interviews

When you decide which candidates have passed your screening process that you actually want to meet, you’ll naturally invite them for an interview. In an analog world, it can be a really time-consuming process to harmonize your schedule and your candidate’s schedule. And even if you’re willing to spend the time arranging interviews with candidates, it becomes unmanageable when multiplying over hundreds of different candidates for the different positions in your pipeline. Workable takes care of this with a built-in scheduler.

Your candidates can text the best time to work from a list of times you are available. This can all be done automatically and at their leisure so that you don’t need to worry about wasting time while on the phone trying to find the perfect time to meet.

It’s time to use this tech recruitment workflow

As you can see, Workable ATS is a fantastic tool for tech recruiters. Tech recruiters are most valuable when they can deal with candidates one-on-one. Anything that can be automated should be and any juggling between different apps should be streamlined. With this tech recruitment workflow, you can focus on the important parts of your job while avoiding unnecessary grunt work. And by integrating with DevSkiller, you can sure your candidates meet the high standards that you set for them.

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