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Book Keeper App Test for Senior iOS Developer | Swift

Overall seniority level
Test duration
165 minutes

Test overview

Test is combined from various tasks. Programming task and Choice questions. All evaluated automatically.

Task types

Programming task

iOS | Swift | Book Keeper App - Initialize the Core Data Stack to work concurrently, including saving on a background thread and generic item fetching on the main thread; implement additional functionality by filling out the missing methods and fixing the UI functionality so that a user would be able to add or edit Company items and Invoices; implement the search functionality in both views. Lastly, he will need to limit the textField entry appropriately in order to pass the tests.

Level: Hard

Tested skills: Concurrency, Core Data, iOS, Swift

Choice questions

5 choice questions assessing knowledge of iOS, Swift

Level: Hard

Tested skills: iOS, Swift

Automatic evaluation

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.