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Node.js developer salary comparison

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Node JS Developer salary

Why is it important to know the latest Node.js developer salary?

Mainly, because if companies want to hire the best Node .js developers, they have to be ready to offer a competitive salary and for that, you need to know the salary range recruiting companies are likely to offer. Node js developer salaries vary widely depending on the part of the US. Our salary figures are based on relevant data from PayScale, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Neuvoo.

In this post, we will be addressing the following topics:

  • What is Node js?
  • Node.js salary in the US
  • Junior Node.js developer salary
  • Senior Node.js developer salary
  • Node.js developer salary NYC

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What is Node js?

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It allows a web developer to build highly scalable applications and write code that handles tens of thousands of simultaneous connections on a single device. Thanks to its capabilities, it’s been an increasingly popular choice for many projects. It’s used by more than 49% of professional developers, and 28,000 US websites.

Node.js has definitely been one of the most used tools within server-side JavaScript. Due to its popularity, job postings aiming to find a Node.js developer shouldn’t have to wait too long. Landing a top talent for the job position though can be challenging.

Node.js salary in the US

Essentially, Node.js developers are responsible for writing server-side web application logic in JavaScript. The exact tasks depend mostly on specific job requirements,  as well as the level of experience and skills. These are just some of the pay factors that shape the average Node.js developer salary across the US.

According to PayScale, the average Node.js salary range in the US stretches from $67,000 to $113,000, with an average of $104,964 (at the time of the publication).

The average Node.js developer salary seen on Glassdoor, though, is higher: $115,166 per year.

The rise doesn’t stop here: ZipRecruiter reports even higher salary ranges, with the average annual pay for Node.js developers hitting $113,791 a year.

Similar data can be found on Neuvoo. According to the platform, the average salary in the US amounts to $117,000 per year.

Where do these differences stem from? As we have already mentioned, there are different factors that can affect the average Node js developer salary—including the source itself, the experience of the candidates, as well as specific job requirements and world location. Let’s take a closer look at the most important factors.

Average Node JS developer salary comparison summary

Below you can see the Node. JS developer average salaries presented by PayScale, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter and Neuvoo, summarized into a Node. JS developer salary comparison table:

Experience: junior vs senior Node.js developer salary

Even though it has already been recognized as a top-notch solution for many projects, Node.js can still be treated as a fairly new technology. As a result, many Node.js developers have had some experience with other languages before.

It comes as no surprise that experience level plays a role in how much Node.js developers get paid. With more years of experience comes a higher salary. Juniors and those just starting out at entry-level can expect a base salary. The majority of professional Node.js developers have 3 to 9 years of professional experience.

The entry-level Node js developer salary according to Neuvoo is $70,492. Base salary figures for Node js positions according to ZipRecruiter start from $72,000, while base salary with Glassdoor for an entry-level Node js developer starts at $55,748.

When it comes to the average Node js developer salary for senior developers, entry-level starts from $110,288 according to Neuvoo. The more experienced Senior Node js developers can earn even more money—an impressive $130,00 per year, $155,000. The average salary for a Senior Node js developer in the US is $130,000 per year according to Neuvoo.

The average Junior Node js salary according to Ziprecruiter is $112,400.

Location: Node.js developer salary in New York city

Location is usually one of the biggest factors in how much compensation many developers are paid across the US. In such a vast country, salaries can vary widely from place to place. With major cities usually seeing the highest salary distribution.

For the case of average Node.js developer salary, it’s no different. According to Glassdoor and Neuvo, the average salary in New York City for Node.js, ranges from $125,000 to $130,000. Salaries higher than the national average can also be found in Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia.

node JS developer salary NYC Neuvo

Sadly, there are no other sources that compare average salaries for Node.js developers in different states.

Other factors increasing salary

Experience and location are not the only factors that have an impact on average salaries – education level (if they have a bachelor’s degree or better), knowledge and skills are also important pay factors as well. Even questions like whether or not your Node.js developer can work remotely can also affect pay. Since the pandemic, remote work has become commonplace and some companies are adjustingly salaries accordingly. While there are benefits, a business might adjust pay to account for factors like the cost of travel, that no longer need to be included.

Popular additional skills

  • Understanding the fundamental design principles behind scalable applications
  • Hands-on experience working on Node.js development tools like npm (Node Package Manager) and Grunt
  • User authentication and authorization among multiple systems, servers, and environments

Useful additional skills

  • Familiarity with agile and lean methodologies
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Project management experience


Node.js is a well-developed resource with an active community around it. That’s hardly surprising, given that there are more and more developers who have started using it for their own purposes. As demand grows, though, it will get more difficult to hire top Node.js developers. Be prepared to offer a competitive salary, and make sure you screen your candidates properly.

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