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Billennium uses DevSkiller to fuel business and empower their workforce

IT Services & IT Consulting
1700+ employees & 15
7 countries worldwide & global offices
Billennium - Monika

Meet Billennium – An IT services and solutions company tailored for you.

Billennium is a global IT services and solutions provider. Established in 2003, they’ve been in the IT services and solutions industry since then – they develop as the technology develops, delivering best-in-class solutions to their clients.

With 15 offices on three continents, their 1700+ IT experts work in a follow-the-sun (24/7/365) model to deliver the highest quality IT solutions and services for businesses around the globe, helping their clients build a solid competitive advantage with technology.

Billennium is driven by purpose yet powered by technology partnerships – Microsoft, Google, AWS, Salesforce, Mulesoft, Tableau, and more. Official partnerships confirm our expertise in delivering tailor-made, multi-cloud, and cutting-edge IT solutions and services.

They are a global IT services and solutions provider with hundreds of satisfied corporate, public, and government clients around the globe, including those from regulated industries and critical systems at the government level.


The need for one skills management system

Billennium were looking for a robust skills management system that would allow them to map their company-wide skills on to one system.

A transparent way to streamline promotions

One of the challenges Billennium faced was the lack of a transparent promotion process.

Comprehensive skills data

Billennium needed a tool that would allow them to have the most accurate skills data to make informed business decisions.

We recommend DevSkiller to every company focused on effective skills management. It helps us build better teams while providing value to both our employees and our customers.

Expected results

Company-wide implementation at Billennium

Billennium will deploy DevSkiller as its primary skills management system. This strategic move entails replacing their previous system and represents a significant upgrade in the company approach to skills management and development.

Launching DevSkiller career pathing

Billennium will introduce the DevSkiller career pathing module to its workforce. This rollout follows Billennium’s active participation in the module’s development, showcasing their commitment to employee growth and career development.

DevSkiller: A business catalyst for Billennium

In its role as a software house, Billennium relies on strategically assigning developers to projects to drive business success. This integration will empower sales representatives to swiftly and accurately match in-house skills with new project requirements, streamlining the project assignment process and enhancing business efficiency.


  1. 80% of pre-defined skills used for employee skill mapping

  2. Increased employee engagement

  3. DevSkiller used as the foundation for department KPIs

  4. Full-scale roll out at Billennium

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