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Codewise recruits the most promising interns with DevSkiller

IT services and consulting
200+ employees
Krakow, Poland

Meet Codewise – An innovative software company for online advertising

Codewise was the first provider of online ad measurement and management solutions powered by AI. Repeatedly recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, Codewise prides itself on high-quality tools for marketers, as well as publishers searching for future-proof solutions that will maximize their earnings.

In 2020 Codewise became part of the CentralNic Group – a multinational holding company specializing in domain name registry, web hosting, and online traffic monetization.


Attracting emerging talent

Codewise aimed to attract young and passionate software developers for their summer internship program. Finding the right candidates presented challenges, especially considering that the project was restarted after a long break

Streamlining internship recruitment

Codewise sought to streamline its internship recruitment process while efficiently screening candidates, reducing the resources and time dedicated to interviewing and testing skills.

Identifying the right interns

With a significant number of applicants performing well in tests, Codewise faced the challenge of selecting the most promising interns among a competitive pool.

“ Finding young, passionate developers was the true goal of the project. This presented many challenges especially since the project was restarted after a long break. I do believe it also proved successful, thanks to the many teams that were involved – none of this would have been possible without them.”


Successful recruitment

Codewise successfully recruited 9 interns and 1 junior engineer for their summer internship program. These interns were distributed across 6 backend developers and 3 frontend developers.

Efficient application process

Codewise received 509 applications (241 frontend and 268 backend) and efficiently processed them through the screening process.

Streamlined recruitment process

Codewise used DevSkiller to streamline the internship recruitment process. Candidates applied through a dedicated campaign page and underwent a coding assessment in DevSkiller, which consisted of multiple-choice questions and programming tasks. This helped in limiting the number of interviews required.

Time and resource savings

Codewise saved time and resources by using DevSkiller for automated assessment and screening. This allowed them to efficiently manage a large number of applications and identify top candidates.

High test completion rate

The program achieved a high test completion rate, ensuring that candidates fully participated in the assessment process.

  1. 500+ applications processed with efficiency

  2. Streamlined recruitment process

  3. Seamless integration with Greenhouse ATS

  4. 9 interns and 1 junior engineer hired for summer internship program

“At Codewise, being an intern means being one of the team. During our time together you will practice coding real tools, attend stand-ups, planning sessions & retro meetings.”

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