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  • 13 minutes Median duration of employee self-assessment
  • 95% average profile completeness
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Orange builds a future-facing company with DevSkiller

4,500+ employees
Warsaw, Poland
Zuzanna Wozniak

Meet Orange – The principal supplier of telecommunications services in Poland

Orange Poland provides services, including fixed-line voice telecommunications, voice mail, fixed access to the Internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”).

In addition, the Group provides leased lines, radio-communications and other telecommunications value added services, sells telecommunications equipment, electronic phone cards and provides data transmission, multimedia services and various Internet services.


Transitioning to a future-facing company

Orange faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional telecom services to adopting cutting-edge technologies like 5G and IoT. They needed to do this while staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market to become an innovative business.

Aligning skills with business objectives

Ensuring that employee skills were aligned with the company’s digital skills strategy was a significant challenge for Orange. They needed their workforce to be equipped to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry.

Enhancing employee satisfaction

Orange aimed to enhance employee satisfaction by providing meaningful assessments, comprehensive onboarding sessions, and opportunities for self-assessment and career growth.

Skill gap identification and closure

Identifying skill gaps among employees and addressing them through upskilling and reskilling initiatives were crucial for Orange to maintain a future-facing workforce.

Supporting managers and business growth

It was essential for Orange to provide managers with the tools and support needed to implement the digital talent strategy and drive business growth effectively.

“The results of the ongoing roll-out are highly satisfactory. Our decision to implement TalentBoost was driven by the recognition of rapid technological advancements and the need to address new challenges in human capital management.  

Already, over 3,000 employees have defined competence profiles, empowering them to map their skills and identify areas for further development. The response from our employees has been encouraging, and we’re committed to cover all our employees by year-end, fostering adaptability in our ever-changing tech landscape.”


High employee satisfaction and engagement

Orange achieved a 98% completion rate for onboarding sessions, indicating high employee engagement and commitment to the program.

Greater visibility through participation

95% of participants in the program mapped their skill data, leading to greater visualization and future development opportunities for both employees and the organization.

High employee engagement for career development

The median duration of 21 minutes for self-assessment indicated that employees were actively engaged in assessing their skills and planning their career development.

Strategic skills management

Orange successfully implemented DevSkiller, a comprehensive skills management platform, to align training and internal mobility programs with business objectives. This allowed them to effectively manage skill set development, market benchmarks, and skills data updates.

Skill gap closure

With the help of the ‘SkillsUp’ program powered by DevSkiller, Orange was able to diagnose and close skill gaps among employees, ensuring that they had the necessary competencies to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Employee interest and engagement

The success of DevSkiller led to a high level of interest among employees, with many wanting to join the program. This interest led to a fourfold increase in participation compared to the initial pilot.

Alignment with business objectives

DevSkiller helped Orange align its skills management process with its human capital strategy, providing access to quality data to align training and internal mobility programs with business objectives.

Preparation for the future

By addressing skill gaps and ensuring employees had the necessary skills for future technologies like 5G and IoT, Orange prepared itself to become an innovative and future-facing telecommunications company.

  1. 13 minutes median duration of employee self-assessment

  2. 2 sessions per onboarding

  3. 98% meaningful assessments (longer than 5 minutes)

  4. 95% of employees completed profiles

“At Orange, DevSkiller is designed to be a part of our human capital strategy. We are planning the skills management process to have access to new quality data to align training and internal mobility programs with our business objectives.”

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