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  • 100 technical professionals hired annually with DevSkiller
  • 2-4 days saved per each hire
  • Only 3.5 developers interviewed in-person to make one hire
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Internet advertising leader Criteo saves 200-400 days of work annually with DevSkiller

Advertising services
3,000+ employees
Paris, France

Meet Criteo – A global commerce media company

Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) enables marketers and media owners to drive better commerce outcomes. Its industry leading Commerce Media Platform connects thousands of marketers and media owners to deliver richer consumer experiences from product discovery to purchase.

By powering trusted and impactful advertising, Criteo supports an open internet that encourages discovery, innovation, and choice.


Inefficient screening process

Criteo faced inefficiencies in their screening process as they used to send technical candidates a case study to complete at home, leading to issues with tracking, limited insights, and delays in the hiring process.

Candidate drop-off

The previous screening method resulted in candidates dropping out of the process, leading to a loss of potential talent and increased recruitment time.

Inconsistent screening procedures

Criteo encountered challenges in maintaining consistent screening procedures across different teams and locations, affecting the quality of evaluations and candidate experience.

“We use DevSkiller in 15 locations around our 3 regions (US/APAC/EMEA). We have 7 frequent users in TA (recruiters) across our regions and our technical hiring manager users rotate depending on current needs. More than 30 have logged into the platform once to review an assignment or create a test. ”


Efficiency improvement

After implementing DevSkiller, Criteo saved an average of 2 to 4 days per hire, significantly enhancing their recruitment efficiency. The conversion rate between the first and second interview improved, with fewer candidates dropping out at the test stage.

Consistent screening

DevSkiller enabled Criteo to maintain consistent screening procedures across various geographies and teams. Hiring managers consistently used the same testing platform and technical assignments, reducing variability and ensuring fair assessments.

Positive candidate experience

Candidates appreciated the flexibility of taking tests at their convenience and tracking their progress over time. This improved candidate experience contributed to a more efficient and streamlined recruitment process.

  1. 100 technical professionals hired annually with DevSkiller

  2. 2-4 days saved per each hire

  3. Only 3.5 developers interviewed in-person to make one hire

  4. DevSkiller used across 15 locations around 3 regions

“After switching to DevSkiller, we’ve seen fewer candidates dropping and fewer delays in the process. We currently have around 10-15% of candidates dropping at this stage for various reasons. More importantly, we now have hiring managers consistently using the same testing platform and technical assignments across the different geos and teams. Some are now collaboratively creating new tests.”

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