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Ada Health saves 3 hours per candidate on technical screening

250 employees
Berlin, Germany
Ada Health team

Meet Ada Health – A company helping improve human health across the globe

Ada Health is a global health company created by doctors to improve human health by transforming knowledge into better outcomes.

Ada Health is the world’s most popular symptom assessment app, with 13 million users and 32 million completed assessments. Every three seconds, someone turns to Ada for personal health guidance.


On-site team interview

Before using DevSkiller, Ada Health screened tech skills with an on-site task followed by a team interview. This procedure required more time on the side of Ada’s team and had limited ability to ensure candidate fit for the role

Providing a positive candidate experience

Before implementing DevSkiller, Ada Health did not have the ability to collaborate on reviewing the technical assessment with the candidate leading to a poor experience.

Lack of customization

Prior to DevSkiller, Ada Health lacked customization and limited the ability to assess industry-standard skills.

“DevSkiller helped us to save precious on-site time for applicants that are already likely to be a fit. We’re saving 3 hours per candidate – that was the time we spent with applicants on a technical task before.”


Optimized hiring process

Ada Health has significantly improved its hiring process by implementing DevSkiller’s automated technical screening, saving valuable on-site interview time and enhancing the overall candidate experience. Candidates particularly appreciate the Code Review tasks.

Comprehensive candidate insights

DevSkiller’s capabilities go beyond pass/fail assessments for Ada Health. It enables them to assess candidates’ experience levels in greater detail, offering a more comprehensive evaluation tool. The platform’s customization options allow Ada Health to test both industry-standard skills and specific questions relevant to their needs.

Customization and collaboration

Ada Health benefits from DevSkiller’s customization features, enabling them to focus on industry-standard skills and include questions tailored to their organization’s requirements. The tool also fosters collaboration in reviewing technical tests and tailoring on-site interviews to each candidate, resulting in a more personalized and effective hiring process.

  1. 3 hours saved per candidate on technical screening

  2. Better candidate match and collaboration

  3. A highly customizable and enjoyable recruitment experience

“Since DevSkiller is a highly customizable tool, it allowed us to test
for industry-standard skills as well as including some questions that are
especially important to us.”

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