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DB1 Group speeds up technical screening by 150% with DevSkiller

Information technology & services
350 employees
Paraná, Brazil

Meet DB1 Group – A tech company offering unique software solutions

DB1 group breathes innovation. They’re a tech group that offers software solutions tailored to your challenges. They are committed to play an important role in the lives of customers, employees and community, towards digital transformation!


Excessive time spent on technical screening

Prior to implementing DevSkiller, DB1 Group faced the challenge of spending too much time on technical screening, with candidates taking several days to complete and submit technical tests, leading to disengagement and delays in the hiring process.

Lengthy revision process

Another challenge was the lengthy revision process, where a developer had to review and score candidates’ technical challenges, causing delays in decision-making about whether candidates should proceed to the next stage.

Lack of automation

The lack of automation in the technical test stage made it difficult to streamline and standardize the evaluation process, resulting in delays and inconsistency in candidate assessment.

“With DevSkiller the technical test stage decreased from 5 – 10 days to 3 – 7 days, a great improvement! DevSkiller reduced the time on the technical test stage and reduced our dependence on other areas. It was faster to approve candidates for the next stage since we had an automatic score.”


Faster technical screening

With the implementation of DevSkiller, the technical test stage was significantly accelerated, reducing the time from 5 – 10 days to 3 – 7 days. This improvement in efficiency allowed DB1 Group to make quicker decisions about candidate progression.

Improved candidate experience

DevSkiller provided candidates with a more positive experience by automating corrections, offering live coding options, and delivering instant results and scores. Candidates appreciated the platform for its ability to test their knowledge effectively.

Enhanced decision-making

DevSkiller’s automation not only provided scores but also highlighted the candidate’s strengths in specific technologies, enabling better-informed decisions about which candidates should advance to the next stage of the selection process. This added granularity in evaluation improved the quality of hires.

  1. 105 tech hires made with DevSkiller annually

  2. Technical screening stage reduced from 5-10 days to 3-7 days

  3. 150% faster technical screening

“Now the revision process is faster, most of the time we have instant results and scores that help us decide which candidate is approved to the next stage of the selection process. Our candidates say it’s a great platform and it really tests their knowledge.”

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