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Lingonberry fixed their inefficient technical screening and cut their interview load by half

Lingonberry fixed their inefficient technical screening and cut their interview load by half
10 employees
Gothenburg, Swededn

Meet Ligonberry – A recruitment agency specializing in hiring technical talent

Lingonberry Talent Acquisition is a Sweden-based tech recruitment agency by Lingonite AB. They help brilliant coders from East Europe to find their dream jobs and relocate to Sweden. They strive to help companies to find outstanding tech talents internationally.


Ineffective screening procedure

Lingonberry’s previous screening procedure wasn’t narrowing their recruitment funnel enough. A full 50% of the candidates they assessed with their own tasks were still being invited to the technical interview. What is more, they could only recruit for roles where they had programming competence.

Too many interviews

One of Lingonberry’s biggest problems was that they scheduled too many interviews. Before introducing DevSkiller, on average 15 candidates had to be interviewed in person to make two hires


  1. 11% of all candidates interviewed in person

  2. 53% fewer interviews

  3. 50% of candidates eliminated with DevSkiller technical screening

  4. 4 interviews to hire two developers

“The duration of the recruitment process has not changed, but we spend less time and effort per candidate. We also don’t waste time on the wrong candidates.”
Lingonberry table

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