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How DevSkiller helps Mindera hire 175+ developers a year

Software development
900 employees
Porto, Portugal
Mindera Staff

Meet Mindera – A custom software development company

Software Engineering Applications, including Web and Mobile, are at the core of what Mindera does.

They partner with clients, to understand their product and deliver high performance, resilient and scalable software systems that create an impact in their users and businesses across the world.


Long & demanding process

The whole process was time-consuming and demanding. A large amount of pre-screening phone calls was needed to filter through the candidates.

Interviewer frustration

Two of Mindera’s engineers had to be present for the phone interviews, as well as the technical interviews that followed. A technical interview alone would last 2 hours, with the screening interview taking another 30 minutes.

Candidate drop out

Often candidates would drop out during the recruitment process or be lured away by another company. Many were only available outside of work hours, meaning recruiting staff had to volunteer their time outside of normal working hours. Something had to change.

“We understood we could do a screening process that was a lot faster, so we could allow more candidates. DevSkiller makes the process a lot faster. Even though we give candidates 7 days to do the tests, it’s still faster.”


Hiring at scale

Despite the reduced number of both screening calls and technical interviews, Mindera was able to hire more than 175 developers annually. And despite giving candidates a whole week to complete the screening tests, the recruitment process overall became much more efficient.

Elimination of false positives

The ability to eliminate the chance that someone can make it through to the technical interview stage, who isn’t right for the role. Before DevSkiller, a good CV would be enough for this to happen, but not anymore.


The option to customize their technical assessments also gave Mindera an advantage when it came to assessing different types of candidates being screened. For instance, a senior developer knows exactly which technology they excel in, whereas a graduate developer might not, but they may still be a great candidate for a lower-level position.

Positive developer experience

DevSkiller automated technical assessments address any concerns that a candidate might have about not getting a fair chance to impress. There is no way that a candidate with the right set of skills can be overlooked simply because they didn’t say all the right things in their interview.

  1. 23% reduction of candidates progressing to the technical interview

  2. 175+ developers hired per year

  3. 30% increase in interviewer satisfaction

“With DevSkiller, we have reduced the time and effort on the first steps of the process, getting fewer people to reach the technical interview, which means those could be interviewed faster. We have also increased the number of pipelines using automated tests.”

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