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StepStone Services now screens out up to 40% of all their candidates before the first interview

IT Services and IT Consulting
300 employees
Warsaw, Poland

Meet StepStone Services – A technology company

Stepstone is a technology company connecting employers and candidates, repeatedly awarded for ‘Best Recruitment Portals’. Their team is a group of over 300 professionals, ambitious and creative developers developing IT products in 130 countries around the world.


Too much time spent on screening

First of all, StepStone Services wanted to be more time-efficient. Prior to implementing DevSkiller, their tech screening procedure consisted of practical tasks sent by email, followed by pen and paper tasks used during technical interviews. Not only was this procedure time-consuming, it also required a lot of effort from their recruiters.

Too much manual work

StepStone Services wanted to automate their technical screening so that it was as efficient as possible.

“We now have a tool which allows us to not only collaborate to create tests assessing technical skills we need to grow, but also to communicate internally and externally (with candidates). What is more, our technical recruitment process is now more structured. As an example, we
use our technical screening results as a conversation starter during technical interviews.”
  1. 10 minute technical screen review per candidate

  2. 120 developers recruited annually

  3. 40% of low-fit candidates eliminated in the screening stage

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