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The Wise Seeker hires 100+ developers per year with DevSkiller

Human resources services
50 employees
Madrid, Spain

Meet The Wise Seeker – A tech-enabled talent discovery firm

The Wise Seeker is the leading digital assessment platform for bias-free talent selection. They have been in the sector for more than 15 years analyzing the needs and demands of the labor market.


Too many technical interviews

Before DevSkiller there was too much time spent on technical interviews of their candidates.

Low test completion rate

The Wise Seeker faced challenges before implementing DevSkiller as many candidates were not completing their pre-screening assessment.

“We’ve largely improved our test completion rate – in the past, people assumed there was no test. Nowadays, people expect some kind of an assessment. This helps us reduce the time investment per candidate to just below 1 hour. It’s part of the digitalization of HR. ”


The Wise Seeker have been please with the cooperation with DevSkiller. The relationship between the tech teams is very flexible and open. They have found an easy going partnership which is especially important as they have integrated DevSkiller into our their platform.

  1. 100 developers hired annually with DevSkiller

  2. 1,000+ candidates assessed with DevSkiller annually

  3. Less than 5 candidates interviewed to hire 1 developer

“DevSkiller helps us dive deep into software skills. Our customers sometimes question our decision to assess candidates, but we always ask: What do you want? One bad employee that you’ll have to hire and fire? Or do you prefer to hire the best candidate for the job? The cost of the turnover is higher than that of losing candidates who refuse to take the test. What we are providing our customers is the perfect match. ”

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