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Veriday cut tech interviews by 40% and now interviews only 3 candidates to hire 1 developer

Information technology and services
77 employees
Ontario, Canada
Veriday team

Meet Veriday – An innovative customer engagement platform built for financial services firms

Veriday is a customer engagement and financial services technology (fintech) company specializing in products and solutions that transform customer experiences.

Veriday’s flagship product, Digital Agent, is an innovative customer engagement platform built for financial services firms. Digital Agent reflects deep knowledge of advice based sales and marketing challenges while satisfying customer needs for human connections backed by reliable brands.


Outdated in house assessment

Before introducing DevSkiller, the technical hiring process at Veriday used was an in-house assessment developed by their internal technical team. They sent it over the email and the candidates would complete it and submit it back to them. The evaluation of the test was quite tricky and subjective.

Time wasted on low-quality candidates

The biggest problem they had was wasting time and resources on interviewing weak candidates. These candidates only passed onto the interview stage because the screening process was not covering any technical skills.

Loss of productivity of engineering team

This process created unnecessary bottlenecks and kept Veriday’s internal developers busy with interviews with candidates who didn’t have the skills required to do the job.

“We have reduced the tech rejection which is great. We’ve seen a 25% improvement at this point after the implementation of DevSkiller. The platform really helps us to assess the programming skills of candidates and provide a logical approach to the problem-solving skills of IT professionals. DevSkiller saved us a lot of time while we had a ramp up and helped us to invite good quality candidates who have performed well in the test, which eventually improved the selection criteria.”


  1.  70% of candidates screened out before the first interview

  2. 25% lower tech rejection

  3. 40% fewer tech interviews

  4.  3 devs interviewed to make 1 hire

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