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Data Extraction, Processing Test for Middle Python developer

Overall seniority level
Test duration
80 minutes

Test overview

Test is combined from various tasks. Programming task and Choice questions. All evaluated automatically.

Task types

Programming task

Python | Data Extraction and Processing - Complete a program that extracts and processes data from pdf files using the pdfminer, pyzbar and the Pillow libraries. Follow the instructions below and complete missing code pieces and update the code wherever necessary to make all the tests work. Please do NOT modify any tests unless specifically told to do so.

Level: Medium

Tested skills: Data Analysis with Python, data extraction, OCR, PDF processing, Python 3.x

Choice questions

10 choice questions assessing knowledge of Machine Learning, Python 3.x

Level: Medium

Tested skills: Machine Learning, Python 3.x

Automatic evaluation

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.