Back end Alone

Test for Senior C# Developer | .NET Core, MVC

Overall seniority level


Test duration

309 minutes



Test overview

Test is combined from various tasks. Programming task and Choice questions. All evaluated automatically.

Task types

Programming task

.NET | .NET Core | Back end Alone - Implement .NET Core MVC Model Binder and a simple graph algorithm to support request with a fancy format. This task consists of two objectives. First is to implement model binder that will properly parse incoming request into objective structure. Second objective is to sort this structure (graph) before further processing.

Level: Hard

Tested skills: .NET Core, .NET Core 3.x, algorithms, C#, MVC

Choice questions

3 choice questions assessing knowledge of .NET, C#

Level: Hard

Tested skills: .NET, C#

Automatic evaluation

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.