La seguridad de los datos en DevSkiller

DevSkiller takes security very seriously. Data privacy, security, access, and continuity are prerequisites for anyone interacting with DevSkiller so we have built internal processes and policies, verified by independent auditors to make sure our data is safe and secure.

Certificaciones de seguridad y cumplimiento. Nos aseguramos de que sus datos estén seguros y protegidos.

Our certifications

Our platform utilizes industry-leading security tools and procedures to guarantee that your data is private, accessible, and secure.

Privacidad y acceso

Our existing procedures mean that we are in compliance with most major privacy regulations including the European GDPR and information and security management specification ISO 27001. Devskiller is also a Privacy Shield Active Participant. You can read more about our procedures in our privacy policy. If a party wants access to their data held by Devskiller at any point, they can make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to our Data Protection Officer who will grant reasonable requests within 30 days. This way, you can be sure that your data is secure and that you can tell exactly what data we hold.


Toda nuestra infraestructura está automatizada y junto con el código fuente de la aplicación almacenado en el repositorio de Git. Los datos son respaldados y almacenados fuera del sitio y pueden ser restaurados con scripts automatizados. Estamos respaldados por la infraestructura del servicio de nube de Google. En el caso de un fallo a nivel de la nube, sólo tardará 4 horas en trasladarse a una nueva región o si toda la infraestructura de Google se rompe, sólo tardará 24 horas en estar en funcionamiento en un nuevo proveedor.


Security at Devskiller starts at the front door and extends to all of the data we hold. We are secure in the cloud where our system uses the procedures of Google Cloud Services to securely store our code. Access to all environments is protected by a cloud firewall is accessible only via VPN, using a valid certificate and a second factor provided by Cisco Duo Security. The system is monitored by Datadog.


Devskiller is an integral part of our customers’ strategic hiring plans and therefore must always be accessible. To ensure that Devskiller is always available, we guarantee an uptime of 99.95% for critical components and 99.5% for non-critical components. To do this, we have a plan for everything from natural disasters to blackouts and terrorist attacks.

Infraestructura and security providers

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Servicios de Google Cloud

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Cisco Duo Security


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Certificaciones de seguridad y cumplimiento. Nos aseguramos de que sus datos estén seguros y protegidos.