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Say hello to RealLifeTesting™

DevSkiller allows you to find developers with the right skill set, shortening your Time-to-Hire by 60% using our RealLifeTesting™ methodology. What is RealLifeTesting™? It is our unique approach to assessing tech candidates in their natural work environment based on work samples. Our programming tests mirror the 1st day of work experience to identify top performers.

Candidates jump at the opportunity to accurately prove their skills giving recruiters the best indication of their abilities.

Join companies from 43 countries who have ditched ineffective algorithmic puzzles and never looked back.

HackerRank alternatives: 7 days

hire quality devs in as little as 7 days

HackerRank alternatives: 7 days

cut unnecessary interviews by up to 65%

HackerRank alternatives: 21 hours

save per each hire 21 hours

More types of tasks = a deeper understanding of developer skills

Developers do much more than just write code and solve algorithmic puzzles. MCQs don’t do their skills justice. Assess problem-solving skills and analytical thinking on top of coding skills with stack-specific programming tasks using real build tools, tasks using external databases, code review challenges, MCQs, and DevOps tasks on virtual machines.

Find support for 57 languages, libraries, and frameworks

Developers solve problems by using more than just a programming language. Efficiently, clean code and powerful solutions come from the stack-specific tools and resources developers use every day at work. A key component to RealLifeTesting™ is checking how well they can use libraries and frameworks to come up with efficient and powerful solutions.

Let developers work the way they want to deliver a better candidate experience

RealLifeTesting™ adopts practices any software developer would understand. Developers don’t copy and paste solutions, they clone to GIT repositories. They also run unit tests throughout the development process. These common-sense practices are demanded by developers. Paying attention to these small but important features helps them put their best foot forward. The result? Candidates are more likely to take the test, keeping them in your recruitment pipeline for longer.


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If you are looking for HackerRank alternatives, you should definitely give DevSkiller a try.

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