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Get data to recruit, upskill, and manage developers throughout the whole employee lifecycle, in one platform.

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Acquire, grow, and retain the best talent with meaningful career opportunities

Identify and close skill gaps across the whole organization. Align career paths with company goals to maximize performance. Keep your developers happy and engaged to boost the retention rate.

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Verify tech skills with TalentScore
Screen tech skills
à distance
Conduct live
coding interviews

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Manage tech skills with TalentBoost
skill gaps
& reskill
Talent Score

Supercharge your
location technique

Screen and interview developers automatically to reach your hiring goals. Reduce bias, save time, and hire at scale by qualifying the candidates with the best skills.

  • Adjust your screening & interview process to suit the way you work
  • Interview only viable candidates
  • Get a better understanding of what your candidates can and can’t do
  • Cut time to hire by up to 60% while maximizing quality of hire
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„Per every hire, we’ve saved on average 2 to 4 days which is significant given that we hire 100 people using DevSkiller every year.”
Julien Gauthiez, Talent Acquisition Manager Criteo
Talent Boost

Manage tech talent
effectively at scale

Map out the granular skills of your developers, create career paths, and measure employee progress objectively.

  • Identify people with the skills you need on the spot
  • Assess team fit and potential skill growth trajectories
  • Align learning and recruitment to close skill gaps
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Données is the key

Spreadsheets aren't enough anymore. They require tedious updating and don’t show you the big picture. Make your data actionable and keep your tech stack relevant in the volatile market.

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Get objective insights

Find the ideal fit for any tech job. Assign the right people to projects based on their skill sets to meet hard deadlines with ease.

Make data-driven decisions

Keep your standards high with objective employee assessments. Remove unconscious bias from all your HR decisions already at the onset of the recruitment process.

Manage skills at scale

Keep track of your ever-changing skills inventory as you grow. Mitigate risk areas and close potential skill gaps ahead of time.

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Get inspired by the amazing success of our customers

From quality tech interviews to fulfilling career paths and everything in between. Find out how DevSkiller products help our customers reach their goals.

Plus de 2800 employés 31 bureaux dans le monde

Criteo, leader du reciblage et de la publicité sur Internet, économise 200 à 400 jours de travail par an grâce à DevSkiller

200K+ employés 43 pays

IKEA Retail (groupe Ingka) organise à la dernière minute une semaine centrée sur le talent, en organisant un événement à distance

Plus de 500 employés Plus de 100 développeurs engagés/an

Le groupe DB1 recrute 105 développeurs avec DevSkiller en 12 mois, ce qui accélère de 1,5 fois la sélection technique

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Vérifier et développer les compétences de codage de manière transparente.

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