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Complete React Developer Salary Data

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React Developer Salary Data

React (also referred to as React.js) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. According to Stack Overflow, 28.3% of professional developers use React. From a business perspective, it’s important to know that React offers significant flexibility and efficiency. If you’re after React developers, you should know exactly what skills and experience you need and be prepared to offer competitive pay rates. Here’s an overview of the average React developer salary across the US, based on the available data.

A word of caution at this point: it’s worth remembering that React and React Native are separate skills.

Average React developer salary in the US

The primary focus of React developers is to create user interface components. Additionally, they should ensure that these components, as well as the whole applications, are well-developed and easy to maintain.

A React developer’s exact responsibilities depend on their level of knowledge and experience. This is in addition to the location and employer’s requirements. Similar factors also shape average React developer salaries in the US. To give you a full picture, we’ve put together a comparison based on salary data across the US from different sources – including PayScale, Neuvoo, and ZipRecruiter.

US average React developer salaryIn this case, PayScale provides little data on React developer salaries. According to the platform, the average React developer salary equals $91,000 per year (at the time of the publication).

Zip Recruiter Average React Developer SalaryAt the same time, the national average for React developer salaries reported by ZipRecruiter is much higher, as it amounts to $110,766 a year.

Nuevo Recruiter Average React Developer SalaryThe average found on Nuevoo, though, it’s definitely the highest: $121,992/year.

As previously mentioned, there are a few different factors that affect React developer salaries. Let’s take a look at the most important ones: experience, location, and required skills.

Experience: junior vs senior React developer salary

Average pay changes according to the level of experience. In the case of React developer salaries, it’s no different. The average salary for both junior and senior React developers according to ZipRecruiter is $94,635 and $136,066/year respectively.

Junior React Developer Salary

Senior React Developer SalaryLocation: React developer salary NYC

The specific location in the US where a developer is hired is one of the crucial factors as to how much React developers are paid. As seen below, average salaries differ significantly. In certain areas, such as Missouri, New York, and New Jersey, React developers earn more than the national average. In fact, the average salary for a React developer in NYC exceeds $142,000.

United States Average React Developer SalarySadly, there are no other sources than Neuvoo that compare average salaries for React developers in different states.

Other factors increasing pay

It’s difficult to argue that the level of experience and location have a great impact on the average salaries. Another factor that counts, though, is definitely the knowledge and skills required for the position.

Popular additional skills

  • Strong proficiency in JavaScript
  • Thorough understanding of React
  • Experience with common front-end development tools
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools

Useful additional skills

  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team
  • Project management experience


If you’re looking for a React developer, you definitely want to find top talent for the job. Salary is often the biggest magnets that can help you attract skilled candidates – make sure you’re familiar with the average pay in the US, and be prepared to offer a competitive salary yourself.

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