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Google Breakthrough Partner Aliz sees 1.5x lower candidate dropout rate during screening

Information technology & services
200 employees
Budapest, Hungary

Meet Aliz – A Google Cloud partner of the year winner in 2023

Aliz helps companies reach their business goals with Machine Learning and data solutions – powered by Google Cloud.

Because of Aliz’s strong partnership with Google, they have access to the most modern technologies and developments in the industry; and those resources combined with our dedicated, professional team is ensured to give your company a competitive edge.


Candidate drop out

Before DevSkiller, Aliz had candidates dropping out of the pipeline at several stages, especially at the technical screening stage.

Too many technical interviews

Aliz internal development team spent too much time with candidates in technical interviews that were not going to progress to the offer stage.

“With DevSkiller, we see a 50% increase in candidates staying in the pipeline at the screening stage. The automated correction of tasks is a game-changer for us.”


  1. 200% lower candidate drop off rate during screening

  2. DevSkiller used across 4 offices around the world

  3. 25% fewer technical interviews

  4. One week of hiring time saved with DevSkiller

“At first, candidates found the tests difficult because of the time limit but DevSkiller has proved to be UI friendly to use. We are very satisfied with the results. We can often save around one week of hiring time with DevSkiller, but it usually depends on the candidates’ availability.”

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