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Clevertech wins at remote recruitment and has 90% fewer tech interviews

Information technology and services
500 employees
New York, USA

Meet Clevertech – Building software solutions that create new industry standards

Clevertech builds custom technology solutions that drive competitive edge and redefine industry standards – faster.

Their flexible, expert teams offer unparalleled speed to market and seamless integration with existing platforms to develop tech-agnostic solutions that reshape industries.


In-house recruitment tasks

Clevertech relied on programming questions and tasks created by their in-house developers – taking away from valuable productivity time.

Too many interviews

The old process resulted in too many interviews for the recruitment team and upper management.

Lengthy and in-effective screening process

Before implementing DevSkiller, it would take anywhere between 1 and 3 days to assess coding skills of their candidates.

“Our main challenge lied in the fact that we have a lot of applications that require a tremendous amount of time from our recruiters. The second biggest challenge can be the influence of conversation. What I mean by this is that talking to people in an interview is a fantastic way to gauge the cultural fit of an applicant but it is not always the best way to gauge the technical fit of a candidate.”

The process

Typically applicants come through after seeing a job posting, YouTube video, or a blog post, and then apply through the CleverTech website. Candidates are pre-selected that match and will then receive skills assessment from DevSkiller. Those who score well, interview with one of the technical recruiters, and then the CEO, and President before receiving an offer.

“DevSkiller assessments have given candidates the opportunity to prove their technical ability quickly in the interview process. Before, we used to have to book out back to back days of interviews to ensure we were hiring a quality candidate. However, with this integration, we are now able to hire higher-quality candidates with fewer interviews.”

Hayden Trumbo


  1. 90% fewer technical interviews

  2. 50+ developers hired annually custom ATS and Slack integrations

  3.  50% reduction in time to hire

  4. 50% fewer upper management interviews

“DevSkiller gives our company a platform that allows us to build bespoke tech tests that fit our unique recruiting process while also allowing us to easily integrate with our internal platforms. This results in being able to streamline our recruiting process with maximum efficiency while maintaining a high quality of candidates. ”

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