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CodeValue now hires 2.8x more developers 1.5x faster from the same talent pool

Software development
150 employees
Herzliya, Israel
CodeValue Team

Meet CodeValue – A dynamic software development services company

CodeValue, founded in 2010, is a dynamic services company delivering supreme architectural and technical expertise and in-depth consultancy.

They integrate product & design research in our development process, provide managed software and cloud solution, and offer customized training programs to bridge knowledge gaps.


Unnecessary technical interviews

Before DevSkiller, the engineering team at CodeValue were spending too much time in the recruitment process impacting their own productivity.

Lengthy hiring process

The hiring process at CodeValue was long and time consuming for all parties involved

Time to process

The lengthy process was losing them good candidates who were getting scooped up by CodeValue’s competitors.

“Our biggest recruitment obstacle was unnecessary tech interviews.”


CodeValue can now identify the right people to interview while reducing false negatives. Before introducing DevSkiller, they only invited 30% of their candidate pool for a technical interview. Most likely, some good candidates slipped away because they weren’t identified in the phone screening process.

For CodeValue, the DevSkiller test is 20% more effective in identifying the right people to interview.

  1. They now hire 2.8x more developers from the same candidate pool

  2. They were able to reduce the time hire by approximately 50%

“DevSkiller is easy to use and friendly.”

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