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Headspring cuts tech screening review time from 115 to 5 minutes with DevSkiller

IT services & IT consulting
50 employees
Austin, Texas

Meet Headspring – A cloud native and platform engineering services firm

Headspring is a cloud native and platform engineering services firm based in Austin, Texas. They provide a broad range of cloud services including platform architecture, engineering, modernization and product management.


Non-scalable process

Headspring’s company goals included an aggressive growth plan. Their biggest challenge with those growth goals was that their recruitment process didn’t scale.

Lengthy technical review time for permanent hires

Technical review took between 30-135 min of billable engineering time to review per candidate.

Ineffective process for contractors

Before DevSkiller, there was no way to properly assess the contractor’s technical skills leading to bad experience and contractors undelivering.

“We would always assign two engineers to review the code which would take as much as 2 hours of billable time. It was a waste of time for everyone involved.”


Shorter screening review time

In the past, Headspring would spend 45 minutes on the behavioral interview. As they automated their screening assessment, they now spend 5 minutes reviewing the assessment

Automated process

Headspring were able move their bespoke fizz-buzz requirements into something that DevSkiller could automatically evaluate and serve the candidate from start to finish.

Testing the exact skills that matter

Headspring utilizes DevSkiller to assess candidates in real-world conditions to solve business problems and building solutions that work.

  1. 40 minutes of billable time saved per candidate

  2. 70% of candidates rejected at the screening stage

  3. 90% of technical skills verified automatically

“DevSkiller automation allows us to focus more on soft skills and some of the finer details and architecture of the candidate’s code. We let DevSkiller do the heavy lifting so our engineers only spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the code. ”

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