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ImpacTech now fills 146% more tech openings with 39% fewer technical interviews

Information technology and services
60 employees
Limassol, Cyprus
ImpactTech team

Meet ImpacTech – A technology company driving business success

ImpacTech builds data-driven, AI-powered software that drives business success by creating a 360-customer experience. IMPACT AI uses cutting-edge Machine Learning and NLP to perform Sentiment Analysis which increases client satisfaction, boosts retention and improves compliance management.


Too many unnecessary interviews

Before implementing DevSkiller, ImpacTech’s team were interviewing too many non-relevant candidates, because they could evaluate their skills only during the interview.

Offline and manual process

The whole tech recruitment process was carried out offline and manually, which was time and energy-consuming for both the IT and HR departments.

“The greatest advantage for the candidates is that they can proceed with the  tests at their own convenience. In case you have a candidate who is already  working and is thinking about changing the career or moving to another  company, it is also a time saver for them, as they do not have to take time  off in order to attend numerous interviews in search for a new position.”


  1. 39% fewer technical interviews

  2. 83% of candidates screened out before the first interview

  3. 146% more tech roles filled

  4. 41 positions filled annually with DevSkiller

“DevSkiller is a time-saver for all the parties involved. We were able to  improve our quality of hires, hiring diversity, and cost per hire”

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