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Jonah Group saves $20,000 per quarter with DevSkiller

Computer software
100 employees
Toronto, Canada

Meet Jonah Group – A technology company building great software

Jonah Group is a team of interactive, software, and business intelligence experts skilled in the design, construction, and management of online enterprise systems.

Jonah Group is customer-obsessed, which is why we’ve never had a failed project in our 20 year history.


Non-billable hours

Jonah Group faced the challenge of too many non-billable hours spent on candidate assessments, as developers had to manually grade assessments, leading to productivity losses.

Assessment scheduling difficulties

Scheduling assessments for candidates visiting Jonah Group’s facility was challenging, causing delays and scheduling conflicts.

Time to process candidates

The process of assessing candidates was slow, taking 5-7 days from scheduling to grading, which hindered hiring efficiency.

Plagiarism concerns

Jonah Group’s in-house assessment process lacked internet access due to plagiarism concerns, limiting candidates’ ability to access relevant repositories.

“It was a very archaic, raw kind of coding. We did give them a terminal, but we weren’t that far off pen and paper. We didn’t give them Internet access so some of them couldn’t access some of the repositories they were looking for.”


Significant cost savings

By implementing DevSkiller, Jonah Group saved $200 on every single candidate assessment. This cost savings included productivity gains and time saved on report writing. The automation provided by DevSkiller quickly paid for itself, helping the organization maximize billable hours.

Efficient assessment process

With DevSkiller, candidates were given 3 days to solve tasks, which were then automatically graded. This streamlined process significantly reduced the time needed to assess candidates, from 5-7 days to 3-5 days.

Improved candidate disposition

DevSkiller helped Jonah Group shorten the time for evaluating candidates and making disposition decisions. Invitations to complete assessments were sent promptly, maximizing completion rates and accelerating the hiring process.

Higher test completion rate

DevSkiller’s available Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) reduced the number of candidates timing out. Jonah Group customized test settings to enhance the candidate experience and ensure that more candidates successfully completed their assessments.

Positive candidate experience

Candidates appreciated the convenience and accessibility of TalentScore, improving their overall experience during the assessment process.

  1. $200 saved per candidate assessed

  2. Increase in billable hours

  3. 33% shorter time to process

  4. 100 candidate screened per quarter

“Before DevSkiller, every time there was a technical challenge, we were losing $200 of productivity. In an organization where billable hours are key to our success, DevSkiller has helped us keep billable people working on billable projects, and not doing assessments. The HR and employees who aren’t billable are taking that over. ”

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