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Coding bootcamp Kodilla cut cost by 50% by grading tests automatically with Devskiller

Coding bootcamp
25 employees
Warsaw, Poland

Meet Kodilla – A coding bootcamp helping the youth to learn to become programmer

Kodilla is a coding bootcamp voted #1 according to DRB Market and Public Opinion Research Institute. It offers Java and Web developer bootcamps and support their graduates in finding their first IT job.

Their graduates go on to work at bluechip companies like Aviva, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, EY, and many more.

Kodilla uses Devskiller to verify that its graduates have acquired the skills they need to land their first programming job.


Too much time spent on grading tests manually

Before automating their test grading process, Kodilla’s mentors and examiners had to spend approximately 30 minutes on grading a single student test. This put a lot of unnecessary strain on their team and had a negative influence on employee satisfaction.

No time for product development

Having to spend time on manually grading tests kept Kodilla from growing the way they wanted, for instance by adding new tests verifying their students’ skills.

“Having to check the same test for the 100th time, some mistakes were not caught while we were grading the tests.”


200% cut in test grading costs

By using Devskiller to grade tests, it is now 2 times more cost-efficient for Kodilla, while giving their students a much better test, and preparing them for future recruitment tests.

400% increase in the number of new tests

The time saved means that Kodilla is now able to work on their product development. Their goal was to increase the volume of tests they give to get a better idea of their student’s skills. Since introducing Devskiller, they were able to add 400% more new tests than they did before automating their test grading process.

Addressing their student’s needs

Kodilla can now test 100 remote students every month, allowing them to choose the time and location while keeping costs low. Their students get their results back faster which also has a positive influence on their overall satisfaction with Kodilla.

Kodilla is now getting ready to test students mid-course so they can get accustomed to the platform and get some feedback on what they need to work on early on.

    Google Forms
    answers graded manually by Kodilla Mentors

    Devskiller answers graded automatically

    Time per test: 30 minutes

    Time per test: 0 minutes for 95% of tests

    5-10 minutes for 5% of all tests

Ability to test basic and more advanced skills

With Devskiller, Kodilla can test all the basics, including HTML and CSS.

Testing practical skills

Kodilla is now able to test for the correct usage of Bootstrap, or the understanding and practical application of HTML5. This is really important to Kodilla because their aim is to ensure their graduates can find a job or paid internship in IT without difficulty.

Employee satisfaction

With Devskiller, Kodilla doesn’t need to devote any time whatsoever to 95% of all their tests. Only 5% of tests are now graded manually on request (for students who got a near pass score). Re-assessing these tests after the automated Devskiller assessment only takes Kodilla approximately 5-10 minutes as compared to 30 minutes prior to using Devskiller.

“Initially, our students weren’t thrilled that they get an exam that requires them to actually understand the subject and implement the knowledge in a working piece of code. But they do see that afterward they are better prepared for applying for their first programming job.

We’re giving our students the extra value of preparing them for recruitment tests.”

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