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TPAY MOBILE builds champion IT teams with DevSkiller despite local talent scarcity

Financial services
150 employees
Dubai, UAE

Meet TPAY MOBILE – The leading mobile payments platform in MEA and Turkey

TPAY MOBILE makes it easy for global digital service providers to leverage their local expertise, access customers and accept payments in emerging markets, enabling rapid business growth and improving financial inclusion.


Interview overload

TPAY MOBILE faced interview overload, leading to unnecessary stress on interviewers, expensive engineering hours spent on interviews, and hindered productivity due to multiple bottlenecks in the hiring process.

High volume of applications

TPAY MOBILE received a high volume of job applications, but the quality of these applications was low, making it challenging to identify suitable candidates.

Too many low-quality candidates

The primary goal for DevSkiller was to eliminate interviews with low-quality candidates, reducing the burden on interviewers and streamlining the hiring process.

“DevSkiller helped us a lot with filtering and selecting the right candidates. We see the value because in Egypt, we’ve interviewed over 500 people and only hired 20. It’s unrealistic to do these 500 interviews.

Our number one goal for TalentScore was to limit the number of interviews. We’ve definitely achieved this goal and also see an additional benefit. DevSkiller helps us assess what we are unable to evaluate in the traditional interview – how people write code.”


Reduced interview load

Implementing DevSkiller significantly reduced the need for manual interviews. Instead of interviewing all 500 applicants, TPAY MOBILE was able to focus on the top candidates identified through DevSkiller, resulting in a more efficient and less stressful hiring process.

Faster screening process

DevSkiller made the hiring screening process much faster, enabling TPAY MOBILE to double their team in one year. They could prioritize interviews for candidates with genuine potential, improving overall efficiency.

Improved candidate quality

Although the number of interviews conducted remained consistent, the caliber of candidates improved. DevSkiller helped filter out low-quality applicants, leading to a higher quality pool of candidates for interviews.

Geographical insights

DevSkiller provided valuable insights about the Egyptian job market, helping TPAY MOBILE understand which candidates were likely to succeed based on their assessment results. This allowed for more informed hiring decisions.

Interviewer satisfaction

Interviewers were highly satisfied because they no longer wasted time on interviews and screenings that would not result in hires. Their time was used more efficiently, contributing to higher interviewer satisfaction.

Clear performance benchmarks

DevSkiller introduced clear performance benchmarks, allowing the company to set a threshold for candidate success based on assessment results.

Higher quality candidates

Despite conducting a similar number of interviews, the quality of candidates improved, primarily due to DevSkiller’s ability to identify top performers based on technical assessments.

Ideal hire definition

TPAY MOBILE was able to define their ideal hire based on intelligence, analytical thinking, and coding skills, with DevSkiller helping to evaluate these attributes through unshared test cases and unit test case solutions.

  1. Eliminated 92% of low quality candidates

  2. Reduced interviewer burden

  3. 20 developers hired in talent scarce market

“DevSkiller makes our hiring screening process much faster. We’ve doubled the team in one year, as we focus our interviewing processes on the candidates who have real potential.”

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