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Wall Street Exchange builds strong tech teams by assessing practical
coding skills with DevSkiller

Financial services
500 employees
Dubai, UAE
Wall street exchange

Meet Wall Street Exchange –

Wall Street Exchange is wholly owned by United Fin-tech solutions which in turn is owned by the Emirates Post Group company. Founded in 1982, it was the first exchange house to be licensed by the Central Bank in the UAE.

Throughout 39 years, the company has helped millions by providing access to a range of financial services.


Speed of hiring

Wall Street Exchange faced the challenge of needing to hire a substantial number of engineers annually in a fast-paced environment. Their portfolio was extensive with numerous initiatives, and they required an efficient hiring process.

Limited tech talent availability

The availability of tech talent in their area was modest, making it challenging to find qualified candidates locally.

Interview to hire ratio

They aimed to improve their interview-to-hire ratio, reducing the number of interviews required to make a successful hire.

“The real test of a human being is not what they know but what they learn, that’s why we hire for problem solving and learning mindset in which DevSkiller TalentScore helps with identifying. ”


Time savings

With DevSkiller, Wall Street Exchange saved 5 days per two senior resources in less than 6 months. This efficiency in the hiring process allowed them to allocate more time to other critical tasks.

Improved interview to hire ratio

Wall Street Exchange achieved a significant improvement in their interview-to-hire ratio, conducting only 5 interviews to make 1 successful hire. This reduction in interviews streamlined their selection process.

Identifying real problem solvers

DevSkiller enabled Wall Street Exchange to identify real problem solvers, focusing on practical skills and the ability to think critically rather than relying solely on disconnected knowledge. This approach helped them select candidates with the right hands-on experience.

Focus on practical skills

Wall Street Exchange appreciated DevSkiller’s emphasis on practical skills. Unlike traditional whiteboard testing, DevSkiller allowed candidates to showcase their abilities using the resources they would typically use to solve real-world problems.

Ease of use

Wall Street Exchange found DevSkiller easy to use, with features like tagging that helped them track candidate sources, which was important given the high volume of candidates they dealt with. This feature allowed them to quickly identify candidates from various sources, such as offshore teams and recruitment agencies.

  1. 5 days saved per two senior resources in less than 6 months

  2. Improved interview to hire ratio

  3. 54 candidates assessed, 5 interviews, 1 hire

“The responsiveness once I reached out was amazing. Responsiveness on issues and problems is key as it shows how professional a company is and how quickly they deal with their clients.”

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