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Banking System Configuration Module Test for Junior .NET Developer | C#, .NET Core

Overall seniority level
Test duration
52 minutes

Test overview

Test is combined from various tasks. Programming task, Choice questions and Code gaps. All evaluated automatically.

Task types

Code gaps

.NET | .NET Languages | C# | Casting code gap assessing knowledge of .NET, C#

Level: Easy

Tested skills: .NET, C#

Code gaps

.NET | Static properties code gap assessing knowledge of .NET, .NET Languages, C#

Level: Easy

Tested skills: .NET, .NET Languages, C#

Programming task

.NET | .NET Core | Banking System Configuration Module - Complete the implementation of one of the banking system modules used to handle the configuration parameters. This task verifies knowledge of C# classes, interfaces, and inheritance.

Level: Easy

Tested skills: .NET 6, C#, Inheritance Classes

Code gaps

.NET | .NET Internals | CLI | Packages code gap assessing knowledge of .NET Core, .NET Internals, dotnet CLI

Level: Easy

Tested skills: .NET Core, .NET Internals, dotnet CLI

Choice questions

3 choice questions assessing knowledge of .NET, .NET Logging, C#

Level: Easy

Tested skills: .NET, .NET Logging, C#

Automatic evaluation

We automatically score multi-choice tests and programming tasks and evaluate candidate code for logical correctness, time efficiency and code quality.