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Angular forms API online tests

DevSkiller Angular forms API online tests are specially designed to help in the recruitment of

Angular developers of all levels of expertise. Tests are uniquely structured to accurately screen candidates and assess their skill level through a series of challenges and interview questions.

Our Angular forms API online tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology, which aims to test developers by replicating the real-world scenarios they would usually face, in a controlled test environment. DevSkiller testing makes finding your next Angular developer easier than ever.

Recommended roles for Angular forms API online tests

  • Desarrollador front-end
  • Desarrollador Angular
  • Desarrollador de JavaScript
  • Desarrollador Angular Junior
  • Desarrollador Angular Medio
  • Desarrollador Angular Senior

How DevSkiller Angular forms API online tests work

DevSkiller Angular forms API online tests are different to regular algorithmic tests in that they are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. RealLifeTesting™ simulates an Angular developer’s ordinary workday and offers them a chance to demonstrate their coding ability, problem-solving, and time-management skills within a controlled test environment. In turn, recruiters are offered a detailed breakdown of the skillset of each candidate, while still in the initial screening stage. Tests are then evaluated automatically and easy to understand reports generated.

Características principales

  • Analizar la capacidad de codificación y no sólo la académica
  • Ahorre tiempo y dinero con las pruebas a distancia
  • La metodología RealLifeTesting™ ofrece una mayor experiencia de usuario en la que los candidatos pueden utilizar su propio IDE, clonar en GIT, ejecutar pruebas unitarias y acceder a Stack Overflow/Github/Google para investigar.
  • Herramientas antiplagio estrictas para garantizar la precisión de las pruebas
  • Observe las pruebas en tiempo real
  • Resultados automatizados comprensibles para los reclutadores no técnicos
  • Tests available for junior Angular developers, middle Angular developers & Senior Angular developers

Skills covered in our Angular forms API online tests

  • NG CLI
  • Componentes
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Templates,
  • Tuberías
  • Form,
  • Form validation
  • Project configuration and automation
  • Change Detection
  • Inyección de dependencia
  • RxJS
  • Event management
  • TypeScript

What to look for in an Angular developer

Angular forms API is used when users of an application need to enter data such as to log in. It can also be used for users to update profiles and various other data-entry tasks.

When searching for a good Angular forms API candidate, be on the lookout for a few things. Firstly you will want your Angular forms API candidate to possess a very good understanding of the Angular framework itself, as well as Angular dependencies like RxJS- the library providing reactive streams, which Angular uses a lot. Other dependencies to Angular include TypeScript, which is used to find errors that developers might otherwise miss, and JavaScript, especially Asynchronous JavaScript, the browser programming language which Angular apps run on.

A good Angular developer will need to show a good understanding of design patterns. Design Patterns apply to computer science in general, rather than referring specifically to Angular, but they are especially important in Angular because Angular is perfect for large projects and design patterns help to easily manage large amounts of complex code. They also make it easier to add new functionalities.

Your ideal candidate will also have hands-on relevant experience, ideally commercial experience building web applications using Angular. Further practical experience using open-source, JavaScript, TypeScript, or any of the Angular libraries is also desirable.

Want to build your own Angular forms API online test?

If you like what you see, but want to be able to get more from DevSkiller, then you can custom- build your own Angular forms API online test. DevSkiller tests come with default settings, but if you have someone technical available, then you can easily amend these settings and build your own custom tests. You can choose the allotted time-limit, the language tested and the range of questions tested.  You can even monitor tests in real-time.

How do you know our Angular forms API online tests really work?

Deciding how best to invest your company’s money can be daunting, particularly if you have never encountered DevSkiller tests before. So don’t take our word for it, read what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Victoria Cyczewska - Especialista en adquisición de talentos en Stepstone Services

"Ahora disponemos de una herramienta que nos permite no sólo colaborar para crear pruebas que evalúen las competencias técnicas que necesitamos para crecer, sino también comunicarnos interna y externamente (con los candidatos). Además, nuestro proceso de contratación técnica está ahora más estructurado. Por ejemplo, utilizamos los resultados de nuestras pruebas técnicas para iniciar una conversación durante las entrevistas técnicas".

Sabu Pappu - Jefe de Adquisición de Talento en Veriday

"Hemos reducido el rechazo técnico, lo cual es estupendo. Hemos visto una mejora de 25% en este punto tras la implantación de DevSkiller. La plataforma realmente nos ayuda a evaluar las habilidades de programación de los candidatos y a proporcionar un enfoque lógico de las habilidades de resolución de problemas de los profesionales de TI. DevSkiller nos ha ahorrado mucho tiempo durante la fase de aceleración y nos ha ayudado a invitar a candidatos de buena calidad que han obtenido buenos resultados en la prueba, lo que finalmente ha mejorado los criterios de selección."

Olga Berger - Jefe de contratación y especialista en contratación de CodeValue

"DevSkiller es fácil de usar y amigable".

Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en configurar DevSkiller?

DevSkiller comes ready-programmed with tests and default test settings, meaning setting up DevSkiller can take as little as 5 minutes.  Our Angular forms API online tests are already programmed with coding questions and Angular based challenges, meaning you can get started testing candidate’s straight away.

How do candidates take an Angular forms API online test?

The great benefit of Devskiller’s Angular forms API online tests is that testing is carried out remotely. This saves a great deal of time and expensive man-hours when it comes to recruitment. Instead, test invites can be sent to each candidate and they can get started at a time most suited to them. The recruiter can set time-limits on how long the tests last, and if required, the test invites can be made active for only a certain amount of time.

During the test itself, each candidate has the option of using our state of the art in-browser IDE or they can choose to complete the project on their favorite IDE and then clone the project to GIT. Candidates can also run unit tests to make sure their solutions work the way they are supposed to.

Once the test is completed or the time expires, each test is automatically evaluated and an easy to understand, a non-technical report is sent back to the recruiter.

How are Angular forms API online tests get evaluated?

With DevSkiller, test evaluations are carried out automatically, meaning that once a candidate has finished a test, the Devskiller platform gets to work automatically evaluating the solution. Candidates are evaluated on whether their solution would run, if there are any errors in the code they have provided, and on the quality of the code itself, as well as how their solutions work in edge cases.

¿Necesito ser programador para utilizar DevSkiller?

No, Devskiller tests are made to be as simple to use and as automated as possible. Our ready-to-use tests are prepared by IT experts but designed to allow non-technical users to be able to screen the technical skills of each candidate.

Habilidades probadas
101 minutos como máximo.
Resumen de la prueba

Preguntas de elección

evaluar los conocimientos de Angular, JavaScript

Lagunas del código

evaluar los conocimientos de Angular, JavaScript

Tarea de programación - Nivel: Medio

JavaScript | Angular | Reactive forms - Preparar un formulario de registro usando Reactive forms

Habilidades probadas
72 minutos como máximo.
Resumen de la prueba

Preguntas de elección

evaluar los conocimientos de API de formularios de Angular, Formularios reactivos Angular, Angular2+, Plantillas Angular, Seguridad en Angular

Tarea de programación - Nivel: Medio

JavaScript | Angular 2+ | Formulario de registro - Conecte HTML/CSS a Angular y añada la validación adecuada.