Blockchain online tests and coding questions

DevSkiller Blockchain online tests and coding questions were prepared by our experienced team of professionals to test developer skills for a variety of positions. They are the ideal solution for technical screening and remote coding interviews.

Mit der Methodik von RealLifeTesting™ können Sie die Fähigkeiten Ihres Bewerbers überall auf der Welt bequem und genau testen.

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten
70 Minuten max.


Beurteilung des Wissens über Blockkette, Intelligente Verträge, Ethereum

Programmieraufgabe - Stufe: Einfach

Blockchain | Solidität, Ethereum | Auktionen - Implementieren Sie eine einfache Auktion mit einem intelligenten Vertrag, der seinem Ersteller die Möglichkeit gibt, eine öffentliche Auktion zu initiieren und zu verwalten.

Geprüfte Fähigkeiten
55 Minuten max.


Beurteilung des Wissens über Blockkette, Ethereum, Intelligente Verträge

Programmieraufgabe - Stufe: Einfach

Blockchain | Solidität, Ethereum | Autohändler-Register - Implementieren Sie eine einfache Anwendung für das Autohändler-Werkstattregister.

The right Blockchain online tests to screen Blockchain developers

Recommended roles for Blockchain online tests and coding questions

  • Junior Blockchain developer
  • Middle Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain quality engineer
  • Junior Blockchain engineer
  • Middle Blockchain engineer
  • Blockchain programmer

How our Blockchain online tests work

All of our Blockchain online tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. The methodology removes bias and is as close as it gets to the real-life problems a developer may face in their actual work. DevSkiller Blockchain online tests will provide clear insight into your candidates’ coding ability, problem-solving skills, and time-management.


  • Gain insight into the candidates’ coding ability, not just their academic knowledge
  • Convenient remote testing that can be carried out anywhere, anytime
  • Die RealLifeTesting™-Methodik bietet ein größeres Benutzererlebnis, bei dem die Kandidaten ihre eigene IDE verwenden, zu GIT klonen, Unit-Tests ausführen und auf Stack Overflow/Github/Google zur Recherche zugreifen können.
  • Stringent anti-plagiarism tools to prevent cheating
  • Beobachten Sie die Tests der Kandidaten in Echtzeit
  • Tests für eine Vielzahl von Positionen verfügbar

Skills covered in our Blockchain online tests and coding questions

  • Blockkette
  • Ethereum
  • Small Contracts
  • Solidität

What to look for in a Blockchain developer

Blockchain is exactly that – a chain of blocks. However, the technology isn’t as simple as it sounds. In this context, “block” and “chain” refer to digital information (the “block”) stored in a public database (“the chain”).

The rapid emergence of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have created a new field of expertise known as Blockchain development. Blockchain developers need to have a strong background in software development. In addition to this, it is essential the candidate has experience in both large open-source projects and working with large codebases. Finally, it’s a big positive to have proficiency in programming languages such as C++, JavaScript. Java, etc.

Want to build your own custom tests?

Like what you see with our Blockchain online tests but want to see more? You got it! Using the DevSkiller online task wizard, you can build your very own custom tests. These tests are fully customizable, define the length, scope, and difficulty of the test all while using your own codebase. Find your next Blockchain developer today with DevSkiller Blockchain online tests and coding questions. Free trials available.

Need proof that our Blockchain online tests work?

Stepstone is a group of leading job boards operating all over the world, from Europe across Central America to Africa. The company employees approximately 300 developers who work on IT products for 130 countries across the globe. One of the biggest challenges Stepstone faced before implementing DevSkiller was they wanted to be more time-efficient with their hiring process. Their tech screening procedure was comprised of practical tasks sent by email, followed by pen and paper tasks used during technical interviews.

The solution was to implement DevSkiller and direct their focus on assessing candidates’ knowledge of languages, frameworks, and libraries to garner a full understanding of their coding skills. With the implementation of a two-step screening procedure (phone interview and technical screening test), Stepstone was able to eliminate approx. 40% of candidates at the screening stage of recruitment.

“We now have a tool which allows us to not only collaborate to create tests assessing technical skills we need to grow, but also to communicate internally and externally (with candidates). What is more, our technical recruitment process is now more structured. As an example, we use our technical screening results as a conversation starter during technical interviews.” – Victoria Chyczewska, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Stepstone Services

Häufig gestellte Fragen

How do candidates undertake Blockchain online tests?

Devskiller’s Blockchain online tests can be taken from anywhere in the world. All the recruiter has to do is send the candidate a test invite. These invites can be set to be available for a specific amount of time. The candidates can then start the test whenever they want to for wherever they want to. The candidate has the option of using our state of the art in-browser IDE or completing the project on their favorite IDE and then cloning the project to GIT. Throughout the test, candidates can run unit tests to make sure their solutions work the way they are supposed to. The test lasts for a set amount of time. At the end of the time limit, the test is automatically evaluated and the report is sent to the recruiter.

How are Blockchain online tests and coding questions evaluated?

The moment a candidate finishes their Blockchain online test, the platform starts working immediately to evaluate the results. A report with the results is automatically generated and easy to understand for non-technical professionals. Candidates are evaluated on whether the solution would run (an essential factor in all software development), whether there are any errors in the code, the quality of the code, and how it works in edge cases. There are also robust plagiarism features that show you how similar the results are to previous solutions.

Was ist RealLifeTestingTM?

The RealLifeTestingTM methodology is the foundation of all DevSkiller Blockchain online tests. It goes beyond games and algorithm puzzles to provide a 360-degree view of a developer’s skills. At its core, The RealLifeTestingTM stems from the belief that the best way to evaluate a developer’s development skills is with a work sample test that mirrors the actual development work they’ll do. Our Blockchain online tests and coding questions require candidates to build full project apps or add features to existing apps, just like they’ll be doing after being hired. To do this they will need to show their knowledge of coding, in stack resources, resources like Stack Overflow to find solutions and decision making to find the best way to solve the problems they encounter. The results you see show the candidate’s coding skill, decision making, code cleanliness, and problem-solving skills.

Wie lange dauert es, DevSkiller einzurichten?

You can send your first Blockchain online coding test in as little as 5 minutes. DevSkiller’s extensive library of predefined Blockchain coding tests means that you can start testing your candidates right when you set up your account, no other work required.

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