C and C++ online tests

DevSkiller C and C++ online tests were prepared by our C language experts with regard to verify C developer level of skills for Junior, Middle, and Senior positions. Our C online tests can help you in technical screening and online interviews.

DevSkiller C and C++ online tests are powered by RealLifeTesting methodology which allows you to find developers with the preferred skill set.

Technologies covered:

Programming language: C, C++

C and C++ frameworks and libraries: Google Test, Boost and others.

Build tools: CMake

Tested skills
100 minutes max.
Test overview

Programming task - Level: Hard

iOS | Swift | Conference App Senior - Implement a network service that is used to interact with the server.

Programming task - Level: Hard

Android | Async call from native to Java via JNI - Provide the missing JNI part of the native-Java communication combo that fulfills the certain requirements.

Tested skills
45 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Kotlin, Android

Programming task - Level: Hard

Android | Kotlin | Async call from native to Java via JNI - Provide the missing JNI part of the native-Java communication combo that fulfills the certain requirements.

The best C and C++ online tests for software developers:

Recommended roles for C and C++ developers include:

  • Embedded systems engineer
  • C++ developer
  • C engineer
  • C++ programmer
  • C programmer
  • C developer
  • Junior C++ developer
  • C++ engineer
  • Embedded systems developer
  • Embedded systems programmer
  • Junior C developer

How our C and C++ tests work

Devskiller’s range of C and C++ online coding tests is designed to help you test the real-world coding skills of your applicants. Using the RealLifeTesting methodology, your candidate builds on existing code to implement new features, improve code, or locate and diagnose existing bugs.

Not content to simply test the candidate’s C or C++ coding skills, our online C and C++ programming tests are full projects allowing the candidate to use their coding skills and stack knowledge as they see fit to solve problems.

Key features

  • Test real-life skills rather than academic abilities
  • Configure real machines in real-world conditions
  • Use existing libraries that cover a wide variety of skills and problems C and C++ developers face
  • Screen your candidates at their most convenient time, from anywhere in the world
  • Durable plagiarism controls ensure the uniqueness of your candidates’ code and skills
  • Automatically evaluate your candidate’s performance and produce a report that’s understandable by non-technical recruiters
  • Available for both junior, middle, and senior C and C++ developers

What to look for in C and C++ Developers

C and C++ developers are in high demand, as their skill set is suited to the gaming and entertainment industry, and they’re often used on a lot of embedded technology. As the languages have been around for a long time, they’re versatile, but also requires a specific skill set to use them to their full potential.

To get the best feel of how much a C++ developer knows about their language, it’s best to look at their past experience. Have they worked on large projects? How large and what role did they play? What’s the extent of their pointer arithmetic? How experienced are they with debugging tools? Are they experienced and confident using multiple code analysis tools?

Of course, the best way to screen a candidate’s C and C++ skills is with an online test.

Don’t see what you want?

Can’t find the C and C++ online tests that you want? No stress – you can use our Task Wizard to build your own coding test, using the resources available to your developers, and focussing on problems that your team usually faces. Deliver your tests to a developer anywhere in the world at any time.

Want proof that our C and C++ online tests work?

It is understandable to feel a little apprehensive when deciding whether or not to invest in our screening tool. So to help you with your decision, why not check out what a few of our clients have to say:

Magdalena Rogóż – Deputy Marketing Manager at Kodilla

“Using DevSkiller to grade tests is 2 times more cost-efficient while giving our students a much better test and preparing them for future recruitment tests.”

Olga Berger – Lead Recruiter & Sourcing Specialist at CodeValue

“DevSkiller is easy to use and friendly.”

Sabu Pappu – Talent Acquisition Lead at Veriday

“We have reduced the tech rejection which is great. We’ve seen a 25% improvement at this point after the implementation of DevSkiller. The platform really helps us to assess the programming skills of candidates and provide a logical approach to the problem-solving skills of IT professionals. DevSkiller saved us a lot of time while we had a ramp up and helped us to invite good quality candidates who have performed well in the test, which eventually improved the selection criteria.”

Frequently asked questions

What is RealLifeTesting?

The RealLifeTesting methodology is the driving force behind our DevSkiller C and C++ online tests. We believe the best way to assess a developer’s skills is to simulate the real-world scenarios they would be likely to encounter through their work, and then set them challenges based on these scenarios. RealLifeTesting provides the platform to accurately measure a developer’s coding skills, time-management, and critical thinking skills, all while still in the initial screening phase of recruitment. RealLifeTesting allows recruiters to learn much more about their candidates than with traditional coding challenges or algorithmic puzzles, saving on hours of testing.

How are C and C++ online tests evaluated?

One of the main advantages of the DevSkiller method of testing is that our C and C++ online tests are evaluated automatically. As soon as the candidate has completed their C++ test, or the time elapses, the DevSkiller platform automatically gets to work on generating the results.

Each developer candidate is assessed on whether or not the solution they came up with would run (an essential factor in all software development) and how their solution would perform in edge cases. During the assessment, candidates are able to run unit-tests to try out their solutions if they choose. Developers are evaluated on the quality of the code they have entered and the number of errors, if any, in the code. Critical thinking, time-management skills, and ingenuity are all put to the test.

Afterward the results are compiled into a clear, easy to understand report, designed for non-technical professionals to find simple to follow. DevSkiller also ensures test accuracy, by implementing a range of anti-plagiarism tools throughout the testing process.

How long does it take to set up DevSkiller?

DevSkiller testing is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. That means the hard work has already been done by our experts, to spare you any difficulty. DevSkiller is remarkably easy to get started. All you need to do is set up your account and you’re ready to start sending out test invites to your applicants. DevSkiller stores an extensive back-catalog of C and C++ online tests that are ready to send out.

Do I need to be a programmer to use DevSkiller?

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be an expert to hire an expert. This is why we have designed DevSkiller to be as simple to use and as automated as possible.

Our ready-to-use tests allow non-technical users to verify the technical skills of any of the candidates screened. The tests are ready-prepared, assessment reports are easy to read and generated automatically, and we even implement automatic plagiarism tests to ensure test accuracy. If you have someone technical available you can even build your own custom test, but you don’t need to be an expert yourself to use our screening tool effectively.