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ASP.NET online tests

DevSkiller prepares ASP.NET online coding tests to assist in the recruitment of asp net developers. DevSkiller’s expert team has developed ASP.NET tests to allow recruiters to accurately screen candidates, starting from the first stages of recruitment, to ensure you find the right person for your business.

Our ASP.NET online tests present candidates with a series of interview questions and coding challenges, aimed at testing their ASP.NET skills and knowledge base. Powered by the RealLifeTesting methodology, our ASP.NET online tests simulate the real scenarios an asp net developer might encounter in their average workday. We can then evaluate each candidate based on how well they respond to the various tasks they are presented with. Finding your next ASP.NET developer is simple with our DevSkiller ASP.NET online tests.

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Tested skills
106 minutes max.
Test overview

Code gaps

assessing knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, Security basics, .NET Core, Basic Common topics, Entity Framework Core, Logging

Programming task - Level: Hard

.NET | .NET Core | Company Web Page - Complete the implementation of a web page.

The page can be displayed in English or Spanish depending on the user's culture.

A user should have knowledge about the localized data annotation, the localized resources ant the action filters.

Tested skills
72 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of .NET, C#, EntityFramework, Entity Framework 6, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, MVC

Programming task - Level: Medium

.NET | Reservations App | Implement validation rules - Implement validation rules used while adding a new reservation.

Tested skills
35 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, MVC

Programming task - Level: Easy

.Net | ASP.Net MVC | Comments Challenge - Implement an Index action for posts controller so that posts can be rendered appropriately into the Posts/Index view.

Tested skills
120 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of .NET, C#

Code review task - Level: Medium

.NET - CollectionWrapper code review

Programming task - Level: Medium

.NET | Reservations App | Implement query methods - Implement two methods in ReservationsService - GetByDay and GetHallsFreeHoursByDay.

Tested skills
112 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of C# and ASP.NET

Programming task

REST blog application, candidate needs to implement two business methods. Requires knowledge about ASP.NET, AutoMapper and Linq

Code review task

evaluates candidate's familiarity of design patterns and coding practices, candidate needs to review a C# class with a ceasar algorithm

Recommended roles for ASP.NET online tests

  • Web developer
  • ASP.NET developer
  • .NET developer
  • JavaScript developer
  • Junior ASP.NET developer
  • Middle ASP.NET developer
  • Senior ASP.NET developer

How our ASP.NET online tests work

The driving force that sets DevSkiller testing apart from traditional algorithmic testing, is the  RealLifeTestin methodology. RealLifeTesting allows developer candidates to be evaluated based on their everyday work, not judged on algorithms they may not have encountered for years. Our ASP.NET tests provide you with a clear understanding of each applicant’s ASP.NET knowledge, their coding ability, and their time-management skills.

Furthermore, all of our ASP.NET online tests can be taken remotely, saving your company money and countless hours of in-house testing. Any potential asp net developers can access the tests whenever and wherever is convenient, meaning you can sit back and wait for the results to come in.

Key features

  • DevSkiller ASP.NET tests provide a clear insight into your applicants’ coding skills and not just their academic knowledge.
  • Remote testing that will save you time and money.
  • The RealLifeTestin methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to GIT, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/Github/Google for research.
  • Anti-plagiarism tools to ensure accurate test results
  • Observe individual tests in real-time
  • Automated results aimed at non-technical professionals
  • ASP.NET tests available for junior asp net, to senior asp net developers

Skills covered in our ASP.NET online tests

  • MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • Microservices with ASP.NET
  • Web API
  • Automapper and Dependency injection usage
  • LINQ
  • Configuring routing
  • Implementing custom model binders
  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core

What to look for in an ASP.NET developers

ASP.NET is the most popular and widely used framework for creating web applications among .NET technology. It can be used with different languages like C# or Visual Basic and with different frameworks like .NET Framework (since 2009) or with .NET Core (since 2016).

ASP.NET’s main function is to allow developers to easily create web applications by utilizing the model-view-controller design pattern, ultimately making applications easier to understand.

Any developer wanting to work with ASP.NET should firstly possess a good understanding of the basic concepts regarding how web protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS work. It will also be helpful if they possess a broad knowledge that encompasses HTML, CSS, and javascript. This will allow them to create user-friendly, front-end components using ASP.NET.

An ASP.NET developer should also demonstrate a good knowledge of the .NET framework, a fundamental aspect of ASP.NET. It will also be helpful if they can implement its use effectively to create backend components using C# or Visual Basic. Usually, ASP.NET applications are coupled with other Microsoft technologies in stack, so knowledge of the SQL server or Entity framework is also desirable.

Build your own custom ASP.NET test

If you wish to get more out of DevSkiller ASP.NET testing, then you can create your own custom-built tests. Our I.T. experts provide default settings for our ASP.NET tests, but you can fully customize the test settings to suit your needs.

With customized tests, you can choose the language you want to test, set the difficulty level of each test, and alter the test duration. Tests are taken remotely so you don’t have to be present for each one, however, you can monitor test candidates in real-time and observe the whole test process if you like.

Still unsure about our ASP.NET online tests?

Interested in trying DevSkiller ASP.NET tests for your business, but still a little unsure? Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Julien Gauthiez – Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA at Criteo

“We use DevSkiller in 15 locations around our 3 regions (US/APAC/EMEA). We have 7 frequent users in TA (recruiters) across our regions, and our technical hiring manager users rotate depending on current needs. More than 30 have logged into the platform once to review an assignment or create a test.”

Magdalena Rogóż – Deputy Marketing Manager at Kodilla

“Using DevSkiller to grade tests is 2 times more cost-efficient while giving our students a much better test and preparing them for future recruitment tests.”

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up a DevSkiller ASP.NET test?

DevSkiller testing is designed to be as easy to use as possible, meaning the hard work has already been done by our team. Setting up your first ASP.NET coding test can take as little as 5 minutes and our testing platform comes ready with an extensive library of predefined ASP.NET tests.

What do you do about plagiarism?

You want to be sure when you receive the results of your ASP.NET online tests that the results are genuine. At DevSkiller we have a number of tools in place to ensure there can be no plagiarism. We implement screen recording procedures that flag if a user is looking at a different screen during the test, implement social listening tools and perform checks on each candidate’s IP address and use live pair notifications. We also automatically test the code each candidate has entered and cross-check this against previous answers entered in our database.

What is RealLifeTesting ?

The RealLifeTesting methodology is the foundation of all DevSkiller ASP.NET online tests. Instead of using traditional game-like quizzes or algorithmic puzzles that don’t always challenge a developer’s actual skills, we implement a testing method that mirrors the actual work developers are required to do. This provides a more rounded view of your applicants’ skills.

To successfully navigate our ASP.NET tests, candidates need to demonstrate their knowledge of coding, their understanding of resources like Stack Overflow and possess critical thinking to determine the best method for resolving the problems they encounter. Results are then automatically generated.

How are DevSkiller ASP.NET online tests evaluated?

Once the candidate finishes their test, the Devskiller platform gets to work automatically evaluating the candidate’s given answers. An automatic report is then produced that is designed for even a non-technical recruiter to be able to understand. Candidates are evaluated on whether the solutions they have provided would run (an essential factor in software development), whether there are any errors in the code they have written and how it works in edge cases.