Ruby online tests

DevSkiller Ruby online tests were developed by our Ruby guru to test Ruby developer skills for Junior and Middle positions. Our Ruby online tests are efficient for technical screening and online interviews.

DevSkiller Ruby online tests are powered by RealLifeTesting methodology which allows you to find the best match for your developer positions.

Technologies covered:

Programming language: Ruby

Ruby frameworks and libraries: Ruby on Rails

Build tools: rake

Tested skills
64 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Ruby

Code gaps

assessing knowledge of Ruby

Programming task - Level: Hard

Ruby | Configuration holder solution for a new startup based on microservices - Implement a Config class to develop a flexible class capable of storing absolutely any config value.

Ruby on Rails
Tested skills
70 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Ruby on Rails

Code gaps

assessing knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Programming task - Level: Easy

Ruby on Rails | Game of Chairs | Prevent duplicate character - Create and organize data for the TV show - Game of Chairs.

Tested skills
40 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Ruby on Rails

Programming task - Level: Medium

Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Flight manager app | Seats reservation and flights analysis - Implement missing features of the flights' data management application like seats reservation and flights analysis.

Online Ruby on Rails tests

DevSkiller has a comprehensive online Rails test catalog, designed by subject matter experts. Use our range of Ruby on Rails tests to measure, test, and assess the skills and abilities of your applicants.

Our Ruby on Rails tests, based on the RealLifeTesting methodology, give you accurate and detailed insights into the coding skills of your applicants so that you make the best hire possible.

The best roles for Ruby on Rails developers

  • Web developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Backend developer
  • Full-stack engineer
  • Junior web developer
  • Backend engineer
  • Back-end developer
  • Ruby on rails developer
  • Full-stack programmer
  • Rails developer
  • Senior web developer
  • Rails engineer
  • Backend programmer

How our Ruby on Rails tests work

Devskiller’s range of Ruby on Rails online coding tests is designed to help you test the real-world coding skills of your applicants. Using the RealLifeTesting methodology, your candidate builds on existing code to implement new features, improve code, or locate and diagnose existing bugs. Not content to simply test the candidate’s Ruby coding skills, our Rails tests are full project allowing the candidate to use the Rails framework as they see fit to solve problems.

In a separate and totally controlled environment, you can see not only the coding skills of your Ruby on Rails developer but also the problem-solving skills and ability to work to strict deadlines.

Key features

  • Test for junior, middle, and senior Ruby on Rails positions
  • Asses candidates software development skills, rather than academic ability
  • Our tests can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world at any time
  • A natural work environment where a candidate can develop software using the tools and resources that are available in the open position
  • Verify your candidates’ code authenticity with robust and versatile plagiarism controls
  • Automatically create a non-technical report of your candidate’s test, and send it to HR recruiters instantly

What to look for in a Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby on Rails is a server-side framework providing an environment for databases, web sites and web services. A general-purpose language with a focus on simplicity and productivity, Ruby on Rails is easy to read and write.

When hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, qualifications and experience plays a very important role. Knowledge of the language and experience applying it in real-world situations, as this can give you an idea of the responsibilities that your candidate has in previous roles.

Don’t see what you want?

Can’t find the Ruby on Rails online test that you want? No stress – you can use your Task Wizard to build your own coding test, using the resources available to your developers, and focussing on problems that your team usually faces. Deliver your tests to a developer anywhere in the world at any time.

Want proof that our Ruby online tests really work?

It is understandable to be a little hesitant before committing your company’s money to our screening tool. After all, what assurances do you have that our Ruby online tests are what your company needs to help with its recruitment? Don’t take our word for it, read what our satisfied clients have had to say about us:

Michael Gerwig – Engineering manager at Ada Health

“DevSkiller helped us to save precious on-site time for applicants that are already likely to be a fit. We’re saving 3 hours per candidate – that was the time we spent with applicants on a technical task before.”

Ivana Nikolic – HR Manager at ImpacTech

“The greatest advantage for the candidates is that they can proceed with the tests at their own convenience. In case you have a candidate who is already working and is thinking about changing the career or moving to another company, it is also a time saver for them, as they do not have to take time off in order to attend numerous interviews in the search for a new position.”

Jonatan Rugarn – CEO, Founder, Recruiter at Lingonberry Talent Acquisition, Engineering Manager at Avinode Group

“The duration of the recruitment process has not changed, but we spend less time and effort per candidate. We also don’t waste time on the wrong candidates.”

Frequently asked questions

What’s the duration of Ruby online tests?

How long a Ruby test lasts is really up to the recruiter to decide. The duration of each test is flexible and can be changed to suit your preferences. You have the option to implement our default settings, or if you would prefer you can give your Ruby online tests a custom duration. It is also possible to set time limits for individual questions within a test.

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