Coding tests for Scala

Scala online tests

Devskiller Scala online tests were developed by our subject-matters experts to verify Scala developer skills for various positions. Our Scala online tests are forceful for technical screening and online interviews.   

Devskiller Scala online tests are powered by RealLifeTesting methodology which gives you an opportunity to select developers with the required skills.

Technologies covered:

  • Programming language: Scala
  • Build tools: sbt

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Contains the following tasks:

1) Multiple Choice - Answer 3 questions on Scala Basics.

2) Multiple Choice - Answer 3 questions on Intermediate Scala

3) Programming task - Implement a client handler for TCP stream messages, process them and send back result to the sender and databaseSaverActor.

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Contains the following tasks:

1) Choice Questions - Verify knowledge of Ruby: Basic Knowledge of Ruby, Basic Errors, Basic Math, Basic Array Access, Basic Hash Access, and Ruby on Rails Controllers

2) Programming task - Implement the following mathematical operations: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide in Scala

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