Python interview questions and tests

DevSkiller Python coding interview questions and tests are based on real coding challenges. This means you can provide the candidate with the tasks that they are likely to face at work and use their results to see how likely they are to succeed.

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language used for general purposes which is favored by a lot of developers because of its versatility and increased productivity.

Our Python coding interview questions and tests are a surefire way to help you screen the candidates for the open Python developer positions. They allow you to assess Python skills efficiently and without the influence of any unconscious bias whatsoever.

Once the candidate is finished with the test, you receive an easy-to-read candidate report so you can compare candidate results by the score or dig a little bit deeper into the details.

Technologies covered:

Programming language: Python

Python frameworks and libraries: Django, Pandas, NumPy, Flask

Build tools: Setuptools

Tested skills
82 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Big Data, PySpark, Python

Code gaps

assessing knowledge of SQL

Programming task - Level: Hard

Python | PySpark | Fleet management corporation - Detect speeding events and verify correctness of an existing predictor.

Tested skills
120 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Python

Programming task - Level: Medium

Python | Vehicle sales report - Implement an application to create reports based on the vehicle sales data warehouse.

Python interview questions and tests

DevSkiller Python interview questions and tests are specially designed to assist recruiters in finding the right Python developers. It can be difficult to accurately screen developers and assess their skills based on traditional interviews alone, so our Python online tests are structured to accurately screen each applicant’s abilities through a series of unique Python coding challenges and interview questions.

DevSkiller Python online tests differ from ordinary algorithmic tests, in that they are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. This methodology is unique in that it replicates real-world scenarios and presents potential Python developers with tasks and challenges for them to overcome within a controlled test environment. This means it is possible to accurately test a candidate’s skill set from during the initial screening phase of recruitment, saving on time and money.

Recommended roles for Python interview questions

  • Junior Python developer
  • Middle Python developer
  • Senior Python developer
  • Data analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • Senior software engineer

How DevSkiller Python interview questions and online tests

The driving force behind our Python online tests is the RealLifeTesting™ methodology, which presents recruiters with a screening method that allows them to accurately assess a candidate’s skill using Python. This makes it much easier for recruiters to assess a candidate’s critical thinking, test their time-management skills, and test Python code.

One of the great time-saving features of DevSkiller Python coding challenges is that the tests are accessed remotely. This means applicants can take the test at a time most convenient to them.  Once a test is submitted, DevSkiller begins evaluating the results and a non-technical report is then produced and sent to the recruiter.

Key features

  • Python coding challenges test Python code, not just a developer’s academic ability
  • Save time and money with remote testing
  • The RealLifeTesting™ methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to GIT, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/Github/Google for research.
  • Anti-plagiarism tools in place to ensure test results are reliable
  • Observe Python online tests in real-time
  • Automated results that non-technical recruiters can understand
  • Python challenges for beginners, mid-level, and senior-level developers

Skills covered in our Python coding challenges

  • Data analysis
  • Pandas
  • Python
  • Django
  • Django REST framework
  • Python 3.x
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • PyTorch
  • CRUD
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • data science
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • CBV
  • ModelForms
  • Python 3.7
  • Flask
  • CSS
  • Dates
  • Promises
  • NumPy
  • Web development
  • Python
  • Regular Expressions
  • Algorithms
  • Streaming-Data
  • Unit-Testing
  • data extraction
  • OCR
  • PDF processing
  • web scraping
  • Django 1.10
  • WCAG 2.0

What to look for in Python developer

Implementing DevSkiller Python coding challenges into your recruitment process will certainly quicken up proceedings, but you will still need to know what to look for in a Python developer to make sure you hire the right candidate.

Python has a variety of uses and developers need to be skilled in coding, as Python developers are often required to produce reusable quality code. Python developers write server-side web application logic, including the development of back-end components. This means Python developers will also need to know how to design and implement quality applications, connect those applications with other third-party web services, and support front-end developers by integrating their work with Python.

Web frameworks are also important when it comes to Python. The right Python candidate should possess knowledge of the main web frameworks, object-relational mappers, multi-process architecture, and RESTful APIs.

Finally, it will also be beneficial if your python developer candidate shows skills in system administration, scripting, implementing data storage solutions, and knowledge of other programming languages like Java.

Want more from our Python coding challenges?

If you would like to get more from DevSkiller Python coding challenges, then why not customize your Python online tests? Our Python tests come ready set-up with default settings to make testing as quick and easy as possible to begin with. However if you have someone technical available to you, then you can also very easily adapt these default settings to suit your needs. This means you can set the allotted time for Python online test, alter the difficulty level and even set a time-limit for each question. Real-time monitoring also allows you to observe candidates when taking a test if required. DevSkiller Python coding challenges make searching for a new developer easy.

Want proof that our Python interview questions work?

DevSkiller Python coding challenges are an effective and efficient way to screen Python developers, but don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say:

Michael Gerwig – Engineering manager at Ada Health

“DevSkiller helped us to save precious on-site time for applicants that are already likely to be a fit. We’re saving 3 hours per candidate – that was the time we spent with applicants on a technical task before.”

Magdalena Rogóż – Deputy Marketing Manager at Kodilla

“Using DevSkiller to grade tests is 2 times more cost-efficient while giving our students a much better test and preparing them for future recruitment tests.”

Patrycja Kiljańska – Talent acquisition specialist at Spartez

“We’ve replaced a high-maintenance in-house solution with DevSkiller. Our process looks the same, however, the product gives us better performance. The results are also way easier to assess.”

Frequently asked questions

What is RealLifeTestingTM?

RealLifeTestingTM is the methodology behind all DevSkiller Python coding challenges. This methodology is based on the simple idea that it is better to test developers by simulating scenarios that are similar to those they are likely to encounter in their everyday work. You can then assess them based on how they react to challenges presented to them. This unique method offers recruiters a clear insight as to which candidates possess the skills required to succeed in the role. The successful candidates are those who can demonstrate a clear knowledge of Python and who possess the critical thinking skills needed to present the most efficient solutions to problems they encounter.

How long does it take to set up DevSkiller Python coding challenges?

DevSkiller is remarkably easy to set up and designed to be as simple as possible to get you started. Our Python coding challenges come ready prepared with default settings, meaning if you are happy with the settings the way they are, then you can start testing candidates in as little as 5 minutes. Devskiller’s extensive library of predefined Python coding challenges means that you can start testing your candidates as soon as your account is set up.

What do candidates think of DevSkiller Python online tests?

The feedback we get from developer candidates taking our tests is overwhelmingly positive.

It seems many candidates have been put off in the past by taking algorithmic tests that don’t test the skills developers actually use in their everyday work. DevSkiller’s Python coding challenges offer a refreshing change to this and a chance for developer candidates to demonstrate their skills in coding and software development.

Developers also like the fact that DevSkiller tests use normal coding tools and conventions like unit testing, and cloning to GIT from a personal IDE.

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