Groovy online tests and interview questions

Groovy online tests and interview questions were prepared by our team of Groovy specialists. Our selection of Groovy coding tests are designed to test the skills for junior, middle, and senior-level Groovy developers. 

DevSkiller Groovy interview questions and online tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. This methodology is completely unique and provides valuable insight into the candidate’s skills by testing them with real-world tasks. Finding your next Groovy developer has never been easier with DevSkiller and our Groovy online tests and interview questions.

Java Script
Tested skills
80 minutes max.
Test overview

Programming task - Level: Medium

Java | Flights manager | Implement an application that is responsible for managing flights data

Programming task - Level: Medium

JavaScript | React | Contact Form - Optimize the fill-out form for site users

Tested skills
45 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Java standard API

Programming task

Flights manager application, candidate needs to implement two business methods for finding flights and reserving a seat which requires basic knowledge about Java

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Recommended roles for Groovy online tests and interview questions

  • Groovy developer
  • Java developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Junior web developer
  • Entry-level Groovy developer
  • Senior Groovy developer
  • Web developer

How our Groovy coding tests work

DevSkiller Groovy coding tests and interview questions are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. Unlike other coding tests, our Groovy coding tests ask candidates to solve problems that mirror real-world work. These tests will provide valuable insight into your candidate’s coding skills, problem-solving ability, and time-management skills. 

Key features of our Groovy coding tests

  • Test candidate’s coding skills and not just their academic knowledge
  • Watch the candidate’s undertaking of tests in real-time, anywhere in the world
  • RealLifeTesting™ methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to Git, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/GitHub/Google for research
  • Several anti-plagiarism tools to ensure test accuracy
  • Automated results that non-technical professionals can understand
  • Groovy online tests available for all levels of seniority 

Skills covered in our Groovy online tests

  • Accessibility
  • Functional
  • Functional Programming
  • WCAG 2.0
  • Web accessibility
  • Promises
  • Web development
  • Redux

What to look for in Groovy developers

The Apache Groovy programming language is one of the oldest alternative programming languages running on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It is dynamic in nature, with static typing and static compilation capabilities. The Groovy programming language is aimed at improving developer productivity thanks to a concise, familiar, and easy to learn syntax.

While screening a Groovy developer, it’s important to determine whether they have experience in developing applications, tools, and libraries in the Groovy language. Additionally, experience on larger projects, be it, web applications, distributed systems, tooling, or DSLs is a huge plus. Finally, understanding the candidate’s knowledge and application of Java will provide valuable insight into their suitability for the role. 

Build your own custom Groovy online tests

Interested in trying Groovy online tests but need a little more? We’ve got you covered! With our online task wizard, you can build your very own custom tests. Define the languages/technologies types of questions, difficulty, test duration plus loads more. Best of all, you can send test invitations to candidates all over the world. Finding your next Groovy developer is easy with DevSkiller and our Groovy coding tests and interview questions. 

Interested in our Groovy online tests but want more?

Making financial decisions for your company are not easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We think our Groovy coding tests are exactly what you need to start hiring great Groovy developers but if you’re still not sure then why not listen to one of our satisfied customers.


Plutora is a value-stream management software. Before implementing DevSkiller, they used phone interviews to preselect their candidates. Those who passed through were invited to a technical interview followed by a behavioral interview. The lack of automation meant that a lot of manual work was required. Also, the effectiveness of phone screening was insufficient as it didn’t eliminate the candidates without the right skills. The solution? The successful implementation of DevSkiller into their technical recruitment process. Plutora’s aim was to automate their technical screening efforts, limit the number of interviews, and identify candidates with the right skills before the interview stage. 

The result?

“Thanks to automating the screening stage, we were able to reduce the interview rate by 50%. At the same time, the quality of candidates who make it to the interview stage is now much greater. DevSkiller adds an extra layer of quality to our technical hiring process”. 

Richard Williams – VP of engineering at Plutora

Frequently asked questions

What is RealLifeTestingTM?

The RealLifeTestingTM methodology forms the basis of all DevSkiller coding tests and interview questions. This methodology provides a holistic view of the candidate’s skill that would not be attainable from traditional methods like whiteboard testing or algorithmic puzzles. At its core, the RealLifeTestingTM methodology stems from the belief that the best way to evaluate a developer’s development skills is with a work sample test that mirrors the actual development work they’ll do. Our Groovy coding tests and interview questions require candidates to build full project apps or add features to existing apps, just like they’ll be doing after being hired. To do this they will need to show their knowledge of coding, in stack resources, resources like Stack Overflow to find solutions and decision making to find the best way to solve the problems they encounter. The results you see show the candidate’s coding skill, decision making, code cleanliness, and problem-solving skills.

How are Groovy online tests and interview questions evaluated?

Our platform gets to work as soon as the candidate finishes their test. The results are then automatically generated into a report that even non-technical recruiters/professionals can understand. Candidates are evaluated on whether the solution would run (an essential factor in all software development), whether there are any errors in the code, the quality of the code, and how it works in edge cases. We have a number of robust anti-plagiarism tools in place that ensure test accuracy by comparing results to every answer ever registered within the system. 

Do I need to be a programmer to use DevSkiller?

We made Devskiller as simple and as automated as it can possibly be. Our range of ready-to-use Groovy coding tests were prepared by Groovy specialists and allow non-technical users to verify the technical skills of their candidates. If you have a technical person on-site, you can prepare a custom test from scratch.

What’s the duration of Groovy coding tests?

Test duration is flexible and depends on your preferences. You have the option to use our default settings or set your own test duration. It is also possible to set time limits for individual questions within a test.