Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM (Customer Relations Management) solution.  Businesses all over the world are cross-managing their customer relations more effectively thanks to the implementation of Salesforce into their business set-up. DevSkiller provides companies looking to hire Salesforce experts, with Salesforce developer interview questions in order to accurately screen candidates to work out who is the best fit for the role. Recruiters can screen developers at junior, middle, and senior-level.

Tested skills
65 minutes max.
Test overview

Choice questions

assessing knowledge of Salesforce

Programming task - Level: Medium

Salesforce | Consulting | Mongolian horse trading company - Prepare the automatization, which creates contracts and activates them, when specific conditions are met.

Salesforce Apex
Tested skills
70 minutes max.
Test overview

Code review task - Level: Easy

Apex | Closed Opportunities Handler - Perform a code review focusing on the classes.OpportunityService class.

Programming task - Level: Easy

Apex | The Account's SLA Salesforce - Change SLA status depending on the Account's Annual Revenue.

Salesforce developer interview questions

The unique aspect of DevSkiller Salesforce developer interview questions is that we implement the RealLifeTestingTM methodology into our screening tool. This is a unique method of developer testing that aims to provide recruiters with valuable insight into each applicant’s development skills. Easily find your next Salesforce developer with our Salesforce developer interview questions.

Recommended roles for Salesforce developer interview questions

  • Junior Salesforce developer
  • Middle Salesforce developer
  • Senior Salesforce developer
  • Applications developer
  • Web developer
  • ETL developer
  • Salesforce administrator
  • Salesforce engineer
  • Application support developer

How our Salesforce developer interview questions work

DevSkiller Salesforce developer interview questions implement an advanced testing method known as RealLifeTestingTM. This one-of-a-kind type of testing involves providing candidates with a simulated version of reality and then setting them challenges to deal with based on that simulation. In this way, we are able to recreate a Salesforce developer’s real work environment and then accurately measure how well they respond to problems remarkably similar to those they would encounter in their real workday.

You probably don’t need us to tell you how much potential time this can save in developer screening and in-house tests. All of our tests are accessed remotely online and results are generated automatically. All you need to do is set up your account with DevSkiller and within minutes you can be testing candidates based on their ability, their time management, and their critical thinking skills.

Key features of our Salesforce developer interview questions

  • Test candidate’s coding skills and not just their academic knowledge
  • Watch the candidate’s undertaking of tests in real-time, anywhere in the world
  • RealLifeTestingTM methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to Git, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow/GitHub/Google for research
  • Several anti-plagiarism tools to ensure test accuracy
  • Automated results aimed at  non-technical professionals
  • Salesforce developer interview questions available for all levels of seniority

Skills covered in our Salesforce developer interview questions

  • Apex
  • Salesforce

What to look for in Salesforce developers

The primary aim of Salesforce is to bring customers and companies together by providing businesses with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. The purpose is to make it easier for companies to manage their interactions with customers, by merging their interaction with customers across various departments and therefore improving customer relations.

Salesforce is very competitive on the world market and as such Salesforce developers are innovative and highly sought after. Any Salesforce developer will need to be up to date with the advances in the technology. This is because one of the perks of Salesforce is that they offer clients free upgrades three times a year, meaning any Salesforce developer will need to be familiar with the changes.

Salesforce has created the world’s first mobile CRM and they are also the first company to have AI built right into the CRM. In short, they are pushing the boundaries when it comes to CRMs. Any Salesforce developer will need to be on point when it comes to the advances in the technology and be able to implement any necessary changes. Our Salesforce developer interview questions will help you to be able to work out which candidates have what it takes.

Build your own custom Salesforce developer interview questions

Did you know you can customize your own Salesforce developer interview questions? Some of our clients like the default settings of our developer tests but feel they want to be able to get more out of them. If this is how you feel too, then rest assured that at DevSkiller we’ve got you covered.

You can tailor our Salesforce developer interview questions to suit your company’s exact requirements. For instance, you can alter the technological language you are testing, you can adjust the time-limit of each test, and set the difficulty level. You can even adjust the time given for individual questions, as well as being able to observe test candidate’s in real-time during a test. Our experts have thought of everything, so you don’t need to.

Need convincing that DevSkiller Salesforce developer interview questions are what your business needs?

Don’t worry if you’re a little apprehensive, after all our tests are different from other developer tests you might have encountered before. We are confident that our Salesforce developer interview questions are the best way to find the right Salesforce developer for your business, but don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say:

Magdalena Rogóż – Deputy Marketing Manager at Kodilla

“Using DevSkiller to grade tests is 2 times more cost-efficient while giving our students a much better test and preparing them for future recruitment tests.”

Jonatan Rugarn – CEO, Founder, Recruiter at Lingonberry Talent Acquisition, Engineering Manager at Avinode Group

“The duration of the recruitment process has not changed, but we spend less time and effort per candidate. We also don’t waste time on the wrong candidates.”

Victoria Cyczewska – Talent Acquisition Specialist at Stepstone Services

“We now have a tool which allows us to not only collaborate to create tests assessing technical skills we need to grow, but also to communicate internally and externally (with candidates). What is more, our technical recruitment process is now more structured. As an example, we use our technical screening results as a conversation starter during technical interviews.”

Frequently asked questions

What is RealLifeTestingTM?

The driving force behind all DevSkiller Salesforce developer interview questions is the RealLifeTestingTM methodology. This is an advanced testing system that goes beyond traditional coding tests and algorithm puzzles, to provide recruiters with a holistic view of a developer’s skills. It should go without saying that the best way to evaluate a developer’s skills is by presenting them with challenges similar to the work which they will be required to do, but up until now, this is not how developer testing was carried out.

RealLifeTestingTM creates a simulated reality for the candidate and challenges them with tasks similar to those they encounter every day. The developer’s who are great in their everyday work will have no problem progressing through the challenges.

During testing, candidates can build full project apps or add features to existing apps, just like they would once hire. They can demonstrate their knowledge of coding, use resources like Stack Overflow to find solutions, and use their problem-solving skills to progress through to the next stage of recruitment.

How do candidates take a test?

In-house testing can be time-consuming and arduous, but with DevSkiller our Salesforce developer interview questions are taken remotely, saving your business time and money. Just send your candidates a test invite and they can access the tests from anywhere in the world.

To make sure you’re not left waiting around, test invites can be made available for a specific amount of time. The tests also have a time-limit meaning candidates have to work quickly.

During testing, recruiters can observe tests in real-time and monitor their candidates’ progress. The candidates themselves have the option to use our state of the art in-browser IDE, or if they prefer, they can complete the project on their own favorite IDE and then clone the project to GIT. Candidates can check their solutions work by running unit tests

Once the candidate has completed their test, an automatic evaluation report is sent to the recruiter containing the results.

How long does it take to set up DevSkiller?

You’ll be amazed at how quick and simple it is to set-up our Salesforce developer interview questions. Our Salesforce experts have taken all of the hard work out of recruitment on your behalf.  All you need to do is create your account and within as little as 5 minutes, you can send out your own test invites. The DevSkiller task wizard comes packed with ready-made default tests that are ready to send. DevSkiller testing is simple and will save you time from the start.

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