Objective C coding test and interview questions for recruiters

Have your job applicants sit an Objective-C test to screen their skills and abilities before recruiting them further. We offer a wide range of Objective C tests in various situations to help you evaluate the potential of job applicants and hire only the best developers. Save time at the screening process and interview only the most talented developers. See more developer recruitment tests below.

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assessing knowledge of iOS

Programming task - Level: Hard

iOS | Objective-C | Data transmitter application - Fix Data Transmitter Application by returning processing data and returning it in a correct format.

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The best Objective-C coding tests to find an iOS developer

Recommended roles for Objective-C online tests:

  • iOS developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Junior ios developer
  • Mobile engineer
  • Senior ios developer
  • Junior mobile developer
  • Objective-c developer
  • Senior mobile developer

How our Objective-C tests work

Devskiller’s Objective-C online tests for mobile app developers are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. In this model, the applicant is required to build a new app or add features onto an already existing piece of software using objective-C. 

This means that you’re able to test your developer’s skills in a real-life situation, away from your product and in a monitored environment. You’re able to not only test their coding skills but also their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and logic.

Key features

  • Test real-life coding skills, rather than academic achievements
  • A full-stack system means candidates can use all the resources that are on offer for the given role. 
  • Tests can be taken by any candidate, anywhere in the world, at any time. 
  • Durable and extensive plagiarism controls verify and ensure the quality of your candidate’s skills
  • Your candidate’s tests are automatically evaluated, sending your recruiters a non-technical report for them to then make further decisions
  • Available to test junior, middle, and senior Objective-C developers

What to look for in an Objective-C developer

Objective-C is a general-purpose programming language used to make mobile apps for iOS. 

When hiring an Objective-C developer, it’s important that you asses a candidate’s Objective-C skills, alongside their coding skills in other languages. Objective-C is often used in older apps, as most iOS apps are now coded in Swift. Therefore it’s crucial that you test a mobile app developer’s Objective-C skills alongside their Swift coding skills.

Don’t see what you want?

Don’t see the Objective-C online test that you’re after? Our task wizard lets you build your own coding test using your own resources. Create a coding test that’s specific to the skills and problems that you need to hire for. Give your test to a candidate anywhere in the world and let them sit it at any time.

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